Harbor Style — June 2013
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Harbor’s Hottest Winners

Welcome to our Hall of Fame.

Last year, we asked our readers to share their personal favorites with us and were thrilled by how many responded in our inaugural HARBOR'S HOTTEST readers' choice awards. This year we were just blown away, receiving nearly four times as many ballots as we did last year! You truly impressed us with your obvious passion for excellence. In the 52 categories covering a wide range of food, drink, entertainment, goods and services here in the greater Charlotte Harbor community, you've winnowed the competition down to the top three. Yes, there are many others not named here who also strive for excellence; we wish we had room to name every business who received votes.

Some points worth mentioning:

The electioneering was handled in a highly ethical and proper way, with audits, controls and security. Her name is Maleia Howland, our office manager, and she is beyond the reach of any amount of persuasion. She alone had custodial responsibilities for the ballots and ballot box, and she had an auditor. Each category names three winners: First Place and the next two highest vote-getters, the Finalists. We added a few new categories this year, and are always listening to your suggestions for future ballots.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating excellence. This will be a fun read for everyone since it really is a reflection of our entire Charlotte Harbor community. Colorful, fun, diverse, eclectic and full of enthusiasm for the best life has to offer.

We give you here...the HARBOR'S HOTTEST.