Space Coast Medicine — February March 2012
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Medical Technology

Sushoo, Melbourne Terrace Collaborate To Electronically Coordinate Patient Care

Sushoo prepares to provide their 21st century services to other skilled nursing facilities across the United States

With thousands of medical businesses across the USA adopting Health Information Exchange (HIE) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) technology, 2012 should prove to be a very busy year for one of the industry’s leaders – Sushoo Health Information Exchange or “Sushoo” - the in-demand and rapidly growing Melbourne, Florida company.

Perfect Opportunity

Sushoo Health Information Exchange and Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation Center, a 120-bed facility that utilizes a multi-wing system, have completed a successful collaboration as Sushoo prepares to provide their important 21st century services to other skilled nursing facilities throughout the United States.

“Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation offered the perfect opportunity for Sushoo to explore a fully customizable setting within a large skilled nursing facility,” said Naveen Venkatachalam, cofounder and CEO of Sushoo.

“Sushoo greatly simplifies the effort involved in keeping everyone on the same page. Actions by one provider can immediately be shared with the others involved in the patient’s care and notifications are automatically sent out,” said Venkatachalam.

Melbourne Terrace was very pleased with the results. “Sushoo was able to electronically coordinate patient care at our facility. Melbourne Terrace operates with two wings and Sushoo successfully connected the two electronically which was a top priority” said Jason Canlas, CEO of Melbourne Terrace.

“Skilled nursing facilities (SNF) typically face a different set of challenges in delivering patient care to their residents. Given the needs for the patient care being coordinated with multiple providers, the need to track medications, medication administration, transitions of care etc. – Sushoo was an ideal fit,” said Dr. Geetha Priyanka, co-founder and Medical Director of Sushoo.

“A SNF like Melbourne Terrace which offers wound care, dietary oversight, outpatient and inpatient care, cardiac, pulmonary and stroke rehabilitation benefits greatly from the Exchange as it enables them to partner with any ancillary, physician, hospital and insurance company that is part of the exchange,” said Dr. Priyanka. “User satisfaction is very high and we have seen up to 40 minutes of time saved per nurse per medpass which saves money and valuable resources.”

Providing Compassionate Care Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation Center is managed by Clear Choice Health Care, a Florida-wide health care management company based in Melbourne, whose mission is to provide compassionate care and dedicated rehabilitative services to people in need.

“Clear Choice Health Care is committed to clearly being the provider of choice for health care and rehabilitative services in every community we serve,” said Clear Choice Health Care Senior Vice President Geoff Fraser.

“We are dedicated to ensuring that quality and compassion are a way of life and believe that caring for the elderly and the disabled is a calling – we are committed to answering the call.”

Complete Communication

The East wing of Melbourne Terrace Rehabilitation houses long-term care patients, while the West wing of the facility specializes in acute care and rehabilitation services. Although both wings off er distinct services, it is imperative that each wing of the hospital maintain complete communication with the other.

“Because we utilize a multiwing system in order to provide the best care for our patients, it was essential Sushoo was able to help electronically coordinate patient care at our facility – connecting the two electronically was a top priority,” said Jason Canlas, CEO of Melbourne Terrace.

“Sushoo and Melbourne Terrace began this process in October 2011, and at this point, we can Proudly say that we are almost 100 percent paperless, Canlas said. We are excited to be ahead of the curve when faced with the challenge of health care IT installation. said Canlas.

The Sushoo Health Information Exchange is the brainchild of Venkatachalam, a West Melbourne, Florida entrepreneur, and his wife Dr. Geetha Priyanka. This was not the first time the couple has partnered in electronic conception. Ten years ago the two launched Doctors Partner electronic medical records soft ware .In part because of Dr. Priyankas need to computerize her office records without spending a bundle. The couple have also developed a way for patients to maintain a copy of all their personal medical records, free of charge, in the digital cloud.

Instant Access To Patient Information With the Sushoo Health Information Exchange, physicians, nursing homes and hospitals . No matter where they are located .Can be on the same page, with instant access to patient information. The network can connect the entire country, said Dr. Priyanka, who serves as Sushoo's medical director.

The beauty of our system is its versatility, said Dr. Priyanka. The Sushoo portal is able to act as a standalone gateway or fully integrate into any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. As a stand alone system, Sushoo will enable paper-based practices to become participants by making data available on demand to authorized users. A fully integrated system will work directly with an EMR, triggered by integrated events between Sushoo and the integrated EMR system.

Sushoo Health Information Exchange will concentrate on several markets in 2012, and skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities will be a major focus.

The skilled nursing facilities setting offered a few challenges for our team but now that we have worked through it, I feel we are ready to effectively work with any Skilled Nursing facility (SNF) in the country, said Venkatachalam.