Elite Magazine — August/September 2010
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Eve's Wine 101-Wine Tasting With Friends
Eve Bushman

Mitch Cosentino, of Cosentino Winery in Napa Valley, was in town for the weekend. I’d met and interviewed him before, the last time when he provided all of the wine to the Art & Wine Gala orchestrated yearly by Dave Bossert and Guy LeLarge that benefits the arts of Santa Clarita. And he was a generous man indeed.<br /> <br /> While I waited for him at Valencia Wine Company, for a promised wine tasting, he enjoyed dinner that night with friends LeLarge and Larry Mazzeo.<br /> <br /> It was worth the wait as all of the gentlemen had cellared wines for me to try. And, being the generous soul that I am, I in turn had a few friends joining me for a “wee taste”: Eddie Bushman, Marlee Lauffer, Patty Dabbs Nelson, Dana and Chris Chernault.<br /> <br /> 2005 Cosentino Napa County Cabernet, with only 77 percent Cabernet, gave us a full blueberry jam flavor, slight tobacco, salivary glands kicked in with the onset of tannins, extremely pleasant and drinkable now. 90 Eve points.<br /> <br /> 2005 Frederic Magnien Premier Crue Chablis Vaillons opened up with vanilla, a bit of a Brie cheese nose for me, no oak, a little of the tang of a Sauvignon Blanc, aromas of a traditional Chardonnay. 91 Eve points.<br /> <br /> 2001 WesMar Pinot Noir Russian River with 14.4 percent alcohol had the absolute perfect balance of fruit. I learned from Mitch that the daughter of famed winemaker William Selyem owns the winery. Larry gave it an unprecedented “OHMIGOD” rating as “having a nine year old Pinot from California is unheard of.” 99 Eve points 2001 Le Macioche Brunello Di Montalcino with its good fruit was, in Mitch’s opinion, “young with great longevity.” Marlee Lauffer, just arriving, said it was “A beautiful woman.” 95 Eve points.<br /> <br /> 2006 Cosentino Pinot Noir had, what some commented, a 5-peppercorn blend with mineral aspects and dimensional. I found it smooth with developed fruit. Marlee noted hints of cigar and vanilla. 90 Eve points.<br /> <br /> At the end of the tasting Mitch shared some news with us: His Cosentino 06 Estate Merlot has a “new hot wine” prediction.<br /> <br /> Now in the tank after 40 months in barrels, it has already been compared to the famed Petrus Bordeaux. He also admitted to having a cellar with 8000 bottles. All of which he has “gotten to know and appreciate.” While the whole time I’m thinking, road trip!<br /> <br /> If you have some cellared wines just itching to get out for a stretch let me know. I’d more than happy to wait for you, and yours, too. I know for a fact that there are plenty of very well done cellars right here at home. And who knows? Maybe élite readers can visit Napa, France, and more from our very own sunny valley called Santa Clarita through these compiled reviews.<br /> <br /> You may contact Eve at ebushman@earthlink.net for questions and comments.<br /> <br /> You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, evewine101. blogspot.com and westranchbeacon.<br /> <br /> Com.