Jet — November 7, 2011
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Jozen Cummings

Our dream girls

The beauty of the week— the most popular feature in jet. Back when mainstream media refused to embrace diverse looks, jet showed the world black was beautiful. The result? Generations of men grew up knowing beautiful sisters, from around the way girls to budding superstars, weren’t an anomaly, and the proof was usually on the pages they hung up on their walls.

Here are some of the highlights:

Freda payne

Issue: sept. 12, 1963
From: detroit, mi
Occupation: singer
Jet said: “the vocalist enjoys a boat ride.”
What men like: she’s the girl next door, with lots of sex appeal.

Velma ann ivory

Issue: sept. 16, 1965
From: houston, tx
Occupation: unknown
Jet said: “houston’s campus beautification gift”
What men like: this schoolgirl look is almost as irresistible as her dimples.

Dora derrico

Issue: sept. 7, 1978
From: middletown, oh
Occupation: insurance firm employee
Jet said: “delightful”
What men like: the special twinkle in her eyes.

Christina clements

Issue: jan. 3, 1980
From: boston, ma
Occupation: ebony fashion fair model

Jet said: “she revealed what the new year had to offer.”

What men like: the bathing suit— it’s classy on top, but wild on the bottom.

Marshun record

Issue: july 7, 2008
From: dallas, tx
Occupation: college student
Jet said: “she’s educated and fit.”
What men like: her voluptuous curves can easily stop traffic.