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W e d d o s sie r now! S an F r an c i S c o a ll c a li F o rn i a [ Burning Question ] Wedding planners, what are the best succulents for a groom’s boutonnière? “Work within the Sempervivum or Pachyveria species. For something with a bit of a stem, clipping from a potted plant is best.” –dAVid TUTerA, MY FAIR WEDDING TV HosT [ On Site ] Shelter Co. tents for wedding guests Gimme Shelter Th e idea for Shelter Co. was born when Alison Events Creative Director Kelsey Sheofsky was canoeing in Tomales Bay with her husband. “We were looking at this amazingly beautiful open landscape, and he asked me why I didn't do weddings there.” Th e pragmatic wedding planner told him there was no place for guests to stay. So Sheofsky, who has an interior design background, decided to make out-of-the-way California wedding sites a reality by bringing the accommodations to the guests (up to 200 of them). She supplies European-inspired tents that are furnished with handcrafted beds, luxe linens, carpeted fl oors and electricity. “It’s for the bride with a sense of adventure,” Sheofsky says. Restrooms—complete with showers—can be arranged, as well as activities and everything from barbecue rehearsal picnics to formal wedding dinners. “Th e root idea is to create a community feel.” 415.967.3630, –Rachel Ward –sHAroN sACKs, sACKs ProdUCTioNs “Use those that are hardy to the touch. Th ey last without water and you can plant them after the wedding and watch them grow!” –BriAN WorLeY, Co-oWNer, YoUrBAsH! W e S T h ol l y W ood [ Something New ] “Mini varieties of Echeveria derenbergii, Kalanchoe and Sempervivum work well. I also love fi ddlehead fern.” –YiFAT oreN, YiFAT oreN ANd AssoCiATes A Study in Sparklers Jean Dousset was born into the profession (he’s a descendant of louis cartier) and honed his talent at boucheron, chaumet and van cleef & arpels, but his passion is all his own. “it’s important to present a beautifully made ring,” he says. now he has opened a space on Melrose to complement the impeccable “Sempervivums (also called Hens and Chicks). Th ey look good and are so durable.” –AMANdA MA, FresH eVeNTs CoMPANY personal service he pioneered through his website. The intimate space invites couples to get cozy while navigating the four cs. Jean Dousset, 8471 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, 323.944.0855, – Abigail Stone 44 F a ll / W i n T e r 20 1 2 david TuTera phoTo courTeSy oF darice; Sharon SackS phoTo courTeSy oF Sheryl WachTel, brian Worley phoTo courTeSy oF Shaun SMiTh; yiFaT oren phoTo courTeSy oF gia canali; bouTonniÈre phoTo courTeSy oF kaTe Webber phoTography; ShelTer co phoTo courTeSy oF Mel barloWe “Echeveria. It comes in an array of sizes and colors and you can be guaranteed this accent will look fresh all evening.”

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