Laguna Beach Mag June 2013 : Page 123

“untitled 7” Val Britton (CES ContEmporary) HomE BaSE: San Francisco BaCkground: B.F.A. from Rhode Island School of Design; M.A. from Oakland’s CalArts mEdia of CHoiCE: Hand-cut paper collages and sculptural installations of which the materials range from ink, graphite, acrylic and watercolor to tape and thread prEViouSly SHown in: All around the Bay Area, New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, New Delhi, India work : Free-form paper cutouts on top of sprawling webs of thin, hard lines on top of Milky Way–inspired backdrops. Avid Laguna Beach Magazine readers might recognize Val’s works as reminiscent of Aníbal Catalan’s abstract architec-tural landscapes we featured in the last issue, and indeed, the two artists seem to be cut from the same cloth of spatial interpretation. Their universes are equally nebulous, their forms floating and unte-thered, their works moving seamlessly between two and three dimensions. But for Aníbal’s acrylic dark grays, reds and oranges, Val’s pieces tend toward watercolor pinks, teals and beiges. Could we call her work the softer, earthier female counterpart? We’d be selling it short if we did. Above all, Val’s work is an artistic exploration of the space between real and imagined geography, the layers of materials uniting mind-maps and road maps. What look at first glance like expansive paper clouds are actually less indiscriminate: They’re actual places, countries peeled off a globe, city limits stolen from a U.S. road map. Val’s solo exhibition runs at CES Contemporary from June 1 – 27. The opening reception is from 6 – 9 p.m. (949-547-1716; fine art ScuLPture gLaSS JeweLry ttutt JAMES C. LEONARD • courtney Jane JacoBS • eren aLPteKin ON EXHIBIT THIS SUMMER ttutt 540 South Pacific coaSt highway, Suite 106, Laguna Beach, caLifornia 92651 949 494 0900 • INFO@AVRANART.COM • VISIT ON THE WEB AT WWW.AVRANART.COM laguna beach MagaZIne june 2013 avran color, add For laGUna BEacH MaGaZInE SIZE: 2/3 PaGE 123

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