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s Brandi Catalanotte walks through your office, you know she is thinking, “If we moved that there and brought some color here, and a rug there…it would be perfect!” And she is right. At her cue, her team is on-the-move and, after those design elements are in place, it is perfect! Brandi’s talent as a decorator lies in the ability to multitask and balance her career with her most important role as mom to 16-month-old Caydance Bella. As a working mother, she is attuned to how important balance and time management is. Being a designer to Brandi means balancing a number of different roles while listening to her client’s every need. “I can design a space, shop for the space, have meetings with a client, order and receive all products, be my clients’ marriage counselor and financial planner, while coordinating all subcon-tractors and installing everything by hand with a 16-month-old little design assistant with me.” Brandi came to Gainesville from Perry, Florida, to pursue a degree from the University of Florida. After graduating in 1999, she married her college sweetheart, Greg, and took an adventure, which would eventually lead them back to Gainesville in 2006. After purchasing her first home at age 23, she found her love of design. “That love then became my passion once I realized it was my God-given talent,” says Brandi. Today she is owner of La Notte Design, a design company established in 2006 that specializes in interior decoration for residential and commercial property. La Notte Design creates spaces using an array of design palettes and specializes in the design themes of Contemporary, Coastal, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Ranch/Rustic, Transitional and Traditional. The entire team at La Notte Design prides themselves on building and maintaining relationships, going the extra mile, listening to their clients and always doing the right thing. Brandi’s natural talent for seeing beyond the bare walls and mix-matched furniture to what the space can be is what keeps Brandi and La Notte Design passionate about design and making the “ordinary look extraordinary.” PHOTOS BY CHRISTY PROWANT PHOTOGRPAHY A of A day in the life , Caydance! er gn si Assistant De I like to sleep in. I then eat, play, watch “VocabuLarry” and read books. My mom takes a call or two and several text messages. We leave and go to all Mom’s jobs and sometimes shopping. I see all kinds of colors and I always get to feel different types of textures. I love to see the people on Mom’s jobs and in the shops we go to. They always hold me and give me high fives. I show them all my new tricks. I go to sleep sometime during the day but I hate to miss anything. Brandi Shaw Catalanotte, Owner & Designer of La Notte Design GIGGLEMAG.COM | OCT/NOV 2013 352-682-5540 • • 51

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