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What’s hot and Where to hear It Girl pOWer: Jazz Guide sprinG FashiOn + Oakland tOy InspIres future engIneers lIghten up WIth easy, effortlessly chIc outfIts Magazine of the East Bay >> No. 2,541: I feel like my parents are never proud of me for anything. >> No. 1,373: I like a freshman and I’m a senior. >> No. 5,118: I’m afraid for myself, of what the future holds for me when I grow up. >> No. 944: I’m always the ugly friend. >> No. 1,174: The only place I ever felt wanted was in my drama class. >> No. 2,370: I love weed. >> No. 2,597: What length prom dress should I get? short or long? >> No. 5,101: This page is my life. >> No. 2,097: I really want to just take a year off and travel. I want to see the world and meet new people and learn different things. >> Online Confessions What are your kids sharing on Facebook? march 2014 $4.95 WWW .DIABLOMAG .COM

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