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BACK TO THE Newport men can start the new year fresh with a classic workout routine that targets major muscle groups and builds strength, not bulk. BY PETER A. BALASKAS BASICS There’s more to working out than just having a six-pack and rippling muscles the size of tree trunks. Although the final results exude sen-timents of pride, the journey toward such goals is equally admirable. Fitness aficionados know too well the feeling of blood surging through the biceps while performing simple pullups, the slow burn coursing along the abdominal muscles approaching the 100th consecutive stomach crunch, the stimulating expansion of the pectorals while bench-pressing increased weight with each repetition and, finally, the intense stretch in the glutes when executing a series of aggressive squats. There has been a movement recently among male athletes and trainers who choose these basic core workouts over the newer, more complex social exercise programs. Though all forms of exercise can be fun and enjoyable, there’s some-thing to be said about the simplicity and conve-nience of a workout that strips fitness down to its most uncomplicated form. Unbiased to beginners or professional athletes, nailing down a basic exercise routine not only improves the physical form, it also enhances a man’s mental and emotional well-being, resulting in an overall healthy lifestyle. The First Steps The biggest challenge for anyone starting a basic workout program is simply getting started, as sometimes the mere thought of exercising at all can be extremely daunting for men more used to donning business suits than track suits. Reasons for delaying any kind of regular exercise program could range from idleness to the fear of experiencing the uncomfortable yet “good” pain associated with flared muscles and a racing heart rate. Ryan Campbell, a physical trainer at Equinox Newport Beach, asserts the most common reason PHOTOS ON THIS SPREAD BY SCOTT SPORLEDER 48 OCINSITE.COM

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