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Room Reveal! before BROUGHT TO YOU BY GIGGLE MAGAZINE AND CAMPUS USA CREDIT UNION Interior Decorating by La Notte Design, LLC • Photos by Lifeprints Photography • Written by Olivia Pitkethly

2nd Annual Kids Room Makeover Reveal!

At age 13, Thaddeus Beavers knows a thing or two (or 20) about reptiles. Friends and neighbors seek his expansive knowledge when trying to identify a snake in their yard or when they can no longer keep a reptile as a pet.<br /> <br /> “He either takes it in or finds it a new home,” said his mom, Sarah. “He feels very strongly about preserving the environment and will do his best to keep reptiles from entering the wild.” <br /> <br /> To date, Thaddeus is the proud owner of more than 40 different reptiles, including geckos, snakes and chameleons. He has given several presentations at school about reptiles and why they make great pets. He has even begun breeding bearded dragons for local pet stores and hopes to earn enough money to purchase his first car at age 16.<br /> <br /> Thaddeus’ unique story helped him win the Giggle Magazine/Campus USA Credit Union Kids Room Makeover contest for a brand new room. In order to accommodate Thaddeus and his growing passion and business, Brandi Catalanotte and the LaNotte Design team redesigned his room with six pull-out shelves in his closet to house several large tanks and light fixtures, keeping the reptiles warm and cozy. Catalanotte also added an AC unit to the room because the light fixtures produce so much heat. Thaddeus’ other passion is baseball, so his collection of baseball hats was hung on a rack to match the gray and blue hues of his new room.<br /> <br /> Friends, neighbors, family and the makeover team were there for the big room reveal. Thaddeus let out a big “Whoaa!” when he opened the door to his new room. And while he loved everything about it, his favorite item was the bright blue and orange logo above his bed for his newly redesigned business website,<br /> <br /> Congrats Thaddeus!<br /> <br /> Jerry Benton of Campus USA Credit Union and Nicole Irving of Giggle Magazine pose with winner Thaddeus Beavers and his family and designer Brandi Catalanotte. This is the second year that Campus USA and Giggle Magazine have come together to give a child in Alachua County a room makeover.

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