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ASU MAGAZINE AHEAD OF THEIR TIME 40 41 andres j. maestas ‘05 M.B.A. CHARTING A FULL CIRCLE OF SUCCESS george “bucky” glickley ‘00 B.I.S. SUCCEEDING IN SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ver wonder how corporations and sports teams make multi-million dollar decisions on partnerships? For instance, how does U.S. Cellular determine if its naming rights deal with the Chicago White Sox is positively impacting its business? Or how does the NFL determine which high-definition television would be the best fit as the official HDTV of the league? Andres J. Maestas, who founded Navigate Marketing only one year after obtaining his M.B.A. degree from the W. P. Carey School of Business, is the man many organizations turn to for this type of analysis. Thus far, Maestas’s company has been extremely effective at helping its clients. With offices in Chicago and Scottsdale, Navigate has built a blue-chip client list that includes AAA, ESPN, Farmers Insurance, LG, Major League Soccer, Red Bull and the U.S. Olympic Committee. Navigate has developed sophisticated research and measurement techniques, which allow it to measure the value, impact and effectiveness of sponsorships – including return on investment – and also conduct market research on the fans of properties. One area Navigate also specializes in is determining the value of a college’s multimedia rights. For instance, when the ASU athletic department wanted to outsource its multimedia rights – meaning radio, TV and website advertising, as well as on-campus sponsorships – the school hired Navigate. “The multimedia rights of the department were used in negotiations to attract potential sponsors and get the best possible deal,” said Maestas. With the assistance of Navigate’s work, ASU received the highest per year guaranteed revenue of any Pac-10 school. The ASU deal provides a bit of closure for Maestas, who originated the idea for his company while he was still a student here. His classmate, Stefanie Francis ‘05 M.B.A., heads up the company’s Scottsdale office. Maestas said he and Francis had received incredible support from Professor Michael Mokwa, chair of the business school’s marketing department, as well as Marketing Professor James Ward. “Navigate Marketing was born out of an ASU class project,” Maestas said. “That’s why it was such a joy to eventually be employed by our alma mater’s sports department.” By Oriana Parker Photo: Dan Vermillion E hen George “Bucky” Glickley ’00 B.I.S. joined the Peace Corps in 2001, he wasn’t sure how well he’d handle it. “It’s one thing to decide you want to help poor people, but it’s something entirely different to be in a tiny Guatemalan village bathing in a bucket of cold water at 5 a.m.,” explained the Chicago native. But Glickley’s trepidation was unfounded; he completed 27 months in the Peace Corps as a small business volunteer, stayed in Guatemala for another six years, and today runs an organization that trains and supports Guatemalan entrepreneurs. Like his mother, who is a social worker, 34-year-old Glickley always wanted to do something “bigger than money, and about creating social value.” And that’s exactly what he did. In 2004, Glickley and a fellow Peace Corps member co-founded Community Enterprise Solutions (CES), a nonprofit which operates on a “MicroConsignment” model of social enterprise. “Just giving a loan to someone in a developing country isn’t always enough,” Glickley explained, referring to the popular microfinance concept. “If they don’t have a business plan to generate income, you could be putting someone in a worse situation by W

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