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ince 1996, Jacksonville Magazine has published a variety of lists of First Coast healthcare professionals considered to be the best or most qualified and the most respected in their fields. In the following pages, we highlight some 800 Northeast Florida physicians who practice in 13 select specialties and are certified by the board that sets the standards for these particular specialties. These doctors go above and beyond what is professionally required and have committed to keeping up-to-date in their fields. The requirements to attain and retain board certification are explained in further detail within each specialty list. The physician names listed were provided to Jacksonville Magazine by each specialty board in late April. Most boards will verify for the public whether a particular doctor is, in fact, certified by that board. In addition, this year we have includ-ed a list of area healthcare providers with the distinction of “Recognized Doctor” from HealthGrades, a leading healthcare ratings organization based in Denver that provides profiles of hospitals, nursing homes and physicians to consumers, corporations, health plans and hospitals. Millions of consumers and hundreds of the nation's largest employ-ers, health plans and hospitals rely on HealthGrades’ ratings, consulting and products to make healthcare decisions based on the quality of care. The public is invited to visit HealthGrades’ website for additional physician info. The strength of the HealthGrades website is that it allows the user to research physicians by specialty and location. From there, HealthGrades provides information regarding the practitioner’s education, specialty, location, accepted insurance and any history of malpractice, sanction or board action. This compilation of doctors is exten-sive, but it has its limitations—and undoubtedly, some doctors with strong reputations may be excluded for one reason or another. We encourage using it as a reference tool among many, a starting point to help you make informed decisions about your health. Speak with friends, other patients and your primary care physician. Then, test the doc out yourself because in the end, the opinion that matters most when it comes to what or who ranks highest is your own. HEALTHGRADES RECOGNIZED DOCS GYNECOLOGICAL ONCOLOGISTSS Guy Benrubi Stephen L. Buckley Paul W. Nowicki Robert Nuss Matthew W. Robertson III Bernd-Uwe Sevin Karl H.S. Smith Robert Kelsey Yazan Khatib Robert J. Kim Michael J. Koren Peter David Kuhlman Fred Masaru Kusumoto Sumant Lamba Carolyn K. Landolfo Gary Edward Lane Steven J. Lavine Sonya L. Lefever Carlos Antonion Leon Shannon T. Leu Marc Richard Litt Leif Anthony Lohrbauer Juzar Lokhandwala Robert Andrew Luke Anthony Robert Magnano Lilla G. Martin Laurence Michael Matthews Mariano B. Mikulic Alan B. Miller Joseph A. Moore Matthew T. Neibaur Hoa Tuyet Nguyenpho Keith Robinson Oken Edward Eugene Page Jr. Nehu Chandravadan Patel Salil Jitendra Patel Timothy Edward Paterick Jay R. Patterson John Norman Patton Dharam A. Paul Joseph Frank Pensabene Robert F. Percy Edward S. Pereira Ernest P. Phillips George S. Pilcher William C. Pilcher William Paul Platko Jr. Dinesh Pubbi Prithviraj B. Rai Pamela Ramos Rama Hossein Ramezani Robert Eugene Safford Venkata Sitaramaraju Sagi Bashar S. Saikaly Brett M. Sasseen Alan Jay Schimmel Allan Schonberg Joel Palmer Schrank A. Allen Seals Mona Jay Shah Steven Bradshaw Shoemaker William G. Short Grish Shivananjappa Shroff Robert N. Signor Jr. Krishna Murari Sikaria Stuart A. Smalheiser Gary Jay Snyder Carlos M. Sotolongo Russell B. Stapleton Stephen Alan Stowers David Jon Stroh Derek D. Sun Garry L. Taylor Gregory C. Tomlinson Ali Tutar Farid Ullah Steven Ung Bernardo Manuel Utset Robert B. Van Cleve Kalpathi L. Venkatachalam William Wainwright Andrew Jay Weinstein Ian Weisberg Thomas Leo Wolford Mohamad Hilal Yamani Ting-Wei Yang Daniel Shing-yen Yip Martin Zenni II Omer Rasheed Zuberi CARDIOLOGISTS Antoine B. Abchee Kenneth Vaughn Adams Youssef Al-saghir Vaqar Ali John Ralston Arnold Majdi Ashchi Howard Allen Baker III Scott Bennett Baker Theodore A. Bass Paul A. Bednarzyk Abdul L. Bhatti Edward Wesley Bisher III Joseph Lynnfield Blackshear Amitra Caines James Calvin Campbell Vincent James Caracciolo Ramon Castello Douglas B. Chapman Leon Charles Chow Donald Anthony Conetta Jonathan E. Constantin Diana M. Cordero Michael S. Cunningham Omar F. Dajani Noel Rakhi Dasgupta Ashwini K. Davuluri Julius Dean Salvatore Domenic DiLoreto Paul H. Dillahunt II Jay Lawrence Dinerman Paul William Farrell II David M. Fellin Gerald F. Fletcher Thomas Randolph Flipse Earl Washington Fuller Jr. Ruple Jayantilal Galani Pankaj H. Gandhi Samer M. Garas Vasco R. Geer III Ferris Eugene George Jr. Satish R. Goel David R. Grech Trevor O. Greene James Lee Grigsby Holly Louise Hancock Kamillo F. Hartmann Carl David Hassel Mark Alan Hayes Thomas Carens Hilton Thinn Hlaing Jeffrey D. Hosenpud Steve S. Hsu Mohammed Kaleem Praveen Kanaparti Abdul Rahman Kani Lawrence James Kanter Daniel Herbert Katz ORTHOPEDIC SURGEONS Stephen Crane Allen Fady A. Bahri Georges Bahri B. Hudson Berrey Jr. Kurt Emerick Blasser Kamal I. Bohsali Allen T. Brillhart Edmund Zigmas Brinkis Mark Preston Brodersen Trave Lavell Brown Jr. William Buckingham William Nelson Campbell Hiram A. Carrasquillo Denny Alan Carter Scott A. Colguhoun Steven McCarthy Crenshaw John Chase Crick Robert Jay Cummings Jr. Rahul Vinod Deshmukh Kevin Michael Doulens John J. Drewniany Gavan Patrick Duffy Carlos L. Esquivia-munoz Nancy A. Felix Robert S. Franco Paul Brendan Gladden Jack L. Greider Jr. James Michael Grimes Richard Ralph Grimsley Farid Antoine Hakim Philip R. Hardy Anthony Michael Harris Timothy Richard Hastings Richard David Heekin Albert L. Henry Jr. Kurtis R. Hort Patrick Michael J. Hutton Brandon James Kambach Gregory Cole Keller John S. Kirkpatrick Robert J. Kleinhans Kathleen Kopach Steven James Lancaster Stanton Lee Longenecker John Fletcher Lovejoy Jr. Eric A. Loveless Richard Stephen Lucie David M. Mandel Elizabeth A. Moran © Copyright 2011 HealthGrades, Inc. and may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without its express written permission. Use of this information is governed by the HealthGrades User Agreement which can be viewed at www.healthgrades.com. JUNE 2011 JACKSONVILLEMAG.COM | 59

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