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NIGHTLIFE HEY MISTER DJ Las Vegas’ ever-evolving club scene is putting the focus on the DJ booth B Y P J P EREZ | P HOTOGRAPHY B Y E RIC J AMISON /S TUDIO J I NC . AND K EITH S HIMADA Watch as these mixmasters spin the crowds into a frenzy and get a lesson in the art of DJing on M life TV. THAT LAS VEGAS’ NIGHTLIFE SCENE IS EXPLODING ÊisÊnotÊ news.ÊTheÊcityÕsÊmanyÊclubsÊandÊloungesÊhaveÊbeenÊamongÊ theÊgrandest,ÊmostÊcu ÊÊng-edgeÊinÊtheÊworld,Êo! ÊeringÊaÊ mul" ÊtudeÊofÊlaser-lit,Êfog-pumped,Êcelebrity-hostedÊspacesÊ forÊtourists,ÊlocalsÊandÊglobetro# ÊersÊalike.ÊSoÊwhatÊmakesÊ 2011ÊanyÊdi! ÊerentÊthanÊtheÊtwoÊdecadesÊprecedingÊit?Ê ItÊmayÊjustÊgoÊdownÊasÊtheÊYearÊofÊtheÊDJ. 86 | M life


PJ Perez

HEY DJ MISTER<br /> <br /> Las Vegas’ ever-evolving club scene is putting the focus on the DJ booth<br /> <br /> The DJ is the man or woman responsible for the main draw of any venue: the music. It’s up to the DJ to make sure the party is off the hook by gauging the temperature of a room and making adjustments to the tracks they’re spinning to maximize the enjoyment of partygoers. And thankfully, Las Vegas is lucky enough to count many of the scene’s most talented Djs among its nightlife fi xtures.<br /> <br /> Perhaps nowhere is the celebration of the DJ more prominent than at HAZE Nightclub inside ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter. "The 25,000-square-foot club recently launched a weekly event called “I’m With the DJ.” Each Friday night one of the nation’s best Djs takes the turntables and provides an eclectic mix of beats and vibes.<br /> <br /> Already highly regarded for its impressive technological features – including 70-foot walls of flickering lights, interactive, moving projection screens and Avalon-designed sound system – HAZE now raises the bar again with this ever-changing weekly lineup, which includes such turntable luminaries as DJ Z-Trip, DJ Scene and DJ Irie.<br /> <br /> Just a few blocks south on the Las Vegas Strip is MGM Grand, and within its green glass walls awaits one of the world’s most iconic nightlife brands, Studio 54. "This Vegas establishment stays on the cutting edge of the nightclub scene with promotions such as its Friday night event, “Electric Dream.” "The brainchild of DJ Loczi, “Electric Dream” is more than just another cleverly named dance party. Celebrating the infamous faces of Studio 54’s past through videos and projections, the weekly experience treats guests to a combination of live performances by musicians, aerialists and dancers, surreal special eff ects, and of course, the pumped-up beats of DJ Loczi.<br /> <br /> “Music is my passion, and because I am first and foremost a music fan, I am able to transfer that passion into creating the perfect set for the eclectic crowd in front of me on any given night at any given time,” said Loczi. “I bring a lot of energy to my performances by engaging the crowd, moving with the music and enjoying the moments.” <br /> <br /> Loczi has more than 10 years of DJ experience from venues as varied as "The Kitchen in Dublin, Ireland, Papas & Beer in Rosarito, Mexico, Club Havana in London,Smartbar in Chicago and Diesel in New York, among dozens of other renowned nightclubs. He’s poured all this experience, along with his understanding of production and musical structure, into the creation of “Electric Dream.” <br /> <br /> “With Electric Dream, I’ve created a story and all of the pieces are extensions of the music being played,” said Loczi. “It is a collective unit of energy moving simultaneously to provide the highest level of entertainment and passion.” <br /> <br /> Directly across the street from MGM Grand is the impressive recreated facade of Manhattan’s skyline that can only be New York-New York, and overlooking that famed intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue is ROK Vegas. With its redand- black, leather-trimmed look, ROK Vegas distinguishes itself with an edgy, rock ‘n’ roll vibe carried over from its Miami counterpart, RokBar. While its innovative, 360-degree video walls and state-of-the-art sound system make ROK Vegas an exciting nightlife destination, its intimate space and inviting patio overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and "The Strip aff ord club goers a unique VIP experience.<br /> <br /> One of the factors keeping ROK Vegas on the edge of nightlife culture is its resident DJ, Mega Man. Well-regarded as a producer and remixer, DJ Mega Man also is a classically trained pianist and brings a varied musical background into his high-energy DJ sets. With a focus on classic rock and audience favorites, Mega Man knows how to rock a crowd long into the night.<br /> <br /> “I mix videos to go along with my sets as well as play my own remixes and custom edits throughout the night,” said Mega Man. “I also mix in every genre of music."The most important part of putting a set together for any club is knowing who you’re spinning for. "The crowd must be cheering and singing along with your sets throughout the night to build excitement and keep people dancing.” <br /> <br /> "Thanks to Las Vegas’ extra-long summer weather (usually lasting through October) and 300-plus days of sunshine, it should be no surprise that “nightlife” is no longer restricted to the hours after the sun goes down (or more accurately, before the sun comes up). While pool parties have been all the rage for years, the idea of an exclusively dedicated day club was taken to the next level with WET REPUBLIC at MGM Grand. Open Friday through Sunday, this poolside oasis of decadence off ers partygoers 55,000-square-feet of sun-drenched opulence.<br /> <br /> But even beneath the glow of the great disco ball in the sky, the DJ is king. " is summer, David and Cathy Guetta’s legendary international party “F*** Me I’m Famous” began a 26-week stay at WET REPUBLIC, transforming the venue every Sunday into an Ibiza-like experience, set to the French-inspired soundtrack spun by various acclaimed Djs.<br /> <br /> One of the highly anticipated Djs appearing at WET REPUBLIC this season is Tiësto, whose legendary six-hour live sets have helped make the Dutch-born DJ one of the most highly regarded trance Djs. Tiësto regularly headlines his own stadium-sized concerts (he even played the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens), so to have him among the lineup is a testament to the day club’s drawing power – and a shift for the man himself.<br /> <br /> “Playing a pool party is defi nitely a different approach,” said Tiësto. “"There is a certain vibe you need to connect to. I like to play more vocal stuff and on the groovier side of things. It’s all about how the crowd reacts. I feed off of them and don’t really know where I’m going to take the set after the first couple of tracks.” <br /> <br /> Even for a well-traveled DJ of Tiësto’s caliber – who’s played to crowds in notorious party cities such as Ibiza – he finds playing Las Vegas a distinctive experience.<br /> <br /> “Vegas is a unique place,” he said. “"The crowds are wilder, so as a DJ it allows me to push things a little further.” <br /> <br /> "That’s a sentiment shared by Mega Man, who notes that the lack of a hardand- fast closing time for most Vegas clubs means that “you have to be prepared with a good six hours of material to be able to go the distance and DJ until people stop dancing.” <br /> <br /> Whether surrounded by the warm embrace of the sun or wrapped in a laser-lit fog, one thing is certain when it comes to the day and nightlife in Las Vegas: its beat is being kept by the best mixmasters, and they’re working overtime to ensure your dance club experience is unforgettable.

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