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Pj Perez

Lounging Around <br /> <br /> Beyond the mega-clubs, resorts offer a bevy of nightlife options for diverse tastes.<br /> <br /> Las Vegas is as famous for its nightlife as it is for the spectacular shows along The Strip.What makes it so amazing is that there is something for everyone. Some people seek out the bass-pounding, body-moving energy of the big clubs; others prefer to chill in a low-key environment. If you prefer a more intimate scene, we’ve got something for you: a collection of lounges and bars, each with a unique flavor.<br /> <br /> The Center Bar in the Center of It All<br /> <br /> Traditionally, the basic requirements for a casino lounge have been access to adult beverages and enough seating to offer a temporary respite from the gaming action – enough just to refuel before rolling the dice again. But today’s ultramodern lounges have become destinations unto themselves.<br /> <br /> One such locale is MGM Grand’s Centrifuge, a chic, circular lounge that pulls triple duty as a pre-, post- and mid-party destination. A variety of seating options – ranging from plush loveseats to high-back bar stools – accommodates large groups as well as singles. And throughout the night, patrons find themselves entertained by multiple fl at-screen monitors, up-tempo dance music and servers who take to the bar to perform choreographed dance routines.<br /> <br /> Across the Las Vegas Strip, inside New York- New York, is Center Bar. Located at the heart of the bustling resort, Center Bar boasts a state-of the- art sound system, five flat-screens showing top sports events and 10 sofas so you can be sure to be comfortable as you sip one of the cocktails from the “ahead of the trend” drink menu. Open 24 hours, Center Bar offers video gaming, bottle service and, on weekends, the sounds of DJ BKNY.<br /> <br /> At neighboring Monte Carlo, the 24-hour Ignite Lounge is both at the center of the action and removed from it, located adjacent to the resort’s Party Pit and only steps away from the Monte Carlo " eater, home of the popular Jabbawockeez MÜS.I.C. show. Guests can relax for a few rounds in the comfortable lounge seating surrounded by color-changing LED lights and 14 fl at-screen Tvs streaming live sporting events and world news. On Friday and Saturday nights, Ignite turns up its flame as dancers take to the lounge’s stage between 7 p.m. - 3 a.m.<br /> <br /> Within the festive castle of Excalibur, guests find Octane Lounge, located on the Castle Walk close to the showroom housing the Australian male revue " under from Down Under. " e rock ‘n’ roll energy, collection of customized motorcycles, gear-head libations such as " e Blood, Sweat and Gears Cosmo and staff (who scale the bar to perform dance routines throughout the evening) outfitted in black leather make Octane Lounge a great place to get pumped for a night on the town.<br /> <br /> All the Way Live <br /> <br /> Frank, Dino and Sammy might not be holding court in Las Vegas’ lounges and showrooms anymore, but their legacy lives on in a myriad of venues offering live entertainment.<br /> <br /> Inside Mandalay Bay, Mizuya Lounge provides a one-stop spot for drinking, dancing and dining.Tucked away from the action on the casino floor, Mizuya features a stage that hosts live cover bands playing party hits, a dance floor on which you can get wild and, from 11:30 a.m. - 11 p.m., a sushi bar serving up sashimi, hand rolls and other favorites.<br /> <br /> Las Vegas-style lounge entertainment isn’t Limited to the Entertainment Capital of the World.EIGHT75, located just off the casino floor of Beau Rivage – a Biloxi, MS landmark – features Djs and live music nightly. With its dramatic zinc bar, plush booths and expertly made drinks, EIGHT75 creates an atmosphere that’s modern, with nods to the classic style of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

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