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CHIPS ARE OK , and we’re not ones to knock the occasional side salad. But really, there’s no comparison to the combination of burgers and fries. In-the-know fry fans enjoy an expansive array of options on the First Coast. Here are a few of our favorites. FRENCH FRY HEAVEN: Scott Nelowet started serving up his fries at festivals in 2010, and quickly realized he was onto something as lines to sample his fare kept getting longer. His menu has two types of fries: classic white pota-to options are “angels,” and sweet potato fries are “saints.” A variety of toppings keep the menu interesting, including Nutella, honey, and cinnamon and brown sugar (pictured). Find the new FFH kiosk in front of Betsey Johnson and Coach at St. Johns Town Center. BISTRO AIX: Chef Tom Gray’s con-cept at Bistro Aix is simple: classic and sophisticated items, prepared with fresh ingredients for stand-out flavor. Even his French fries are a cut above the standard side dish. Thick, hearty and deep fried golden brown, each batch is sprinkled with rose-mary, thyme, sea salt and black pepper, and served with simple ketchup. More, please. OLIO MARKET: Potatoes get the gourmet treatment at Olio Market. Each spud is ridge-cut, lightly beer-battered and fried to order in peanut oil, then sprinkled with sizable hunks of kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. They’re delightful alone or with ketchup, but chef Greg DeSanto’s aioli that comes with each order—a mixture of eggs, oil, fresh chopped basil, garlic, salt and white pepper—is downright addictive. FIVE GUYS: True to CEO Jerry Murrell’s original recipe, each batch of fries is made with mostly Idaho potatoes, soaked in water, then pre-fried to force the steam out of each fry. The resulting seal prevents excessive oil absorp-tion when they’re dipped in the fryer again. That’s the technical jargon; in layman’s terms, we’ll just say they’re damn tasty. NOVEMBER 2011 JACKSONVILLEMAG.COM | 73

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