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You don’t have to sit out on life. Surgical Weight Loss Solutions It goes without saying that obesity is not good for your health, but sometimes the emotional toll of being overweight can be just as hard on your well-being. This is especially true if you’ve attempted to lose weight and not had much success. Sometimes you just need some help. That’s where we come in. The weight loss surgery program at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall is not only designed to help you achieve your health goals, it’s designed to help you keep the weight o for good. What’s more, you’ll find support and encouragement every step of the way from experienced physicians, compassionate nurses and counselors, and former patients who understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. The life you desire is out there. Let us help you achieve it. To learn more, visit or call 469-698-1622. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall is a joint venture owned by Texas Health Resources and physicians dedicated to the community, and meets the definition under federal law of a physician-owned hospital. Doctors on the medical sta practice independently and are not employees or agents of the hospital.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall

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