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| special advertising section | Maui Forget about the loud motors and fuel fumes back home. Instead, listen to the rush of water running down a grassy Kula hillside, and take flight like a bird. That’s the liberating sensation on a breeze-powered Proflyght Paragliding excursion. Lift and performance are simple. Paragliders maintain their wing shape through suspension lines, the pressure of air-entering vents that front the wing, and the aerodynamic forces of air flowing over the outside. Count on smooth aerial sailing from start to finish, with breath-taking panoramas to raise the exhilaration bar. Options include 1,000-or 3,000-foot-elevation tandem flights with a U.S. Hang Gliding & Para-gliding Association–certified instructor. OCEANFRONT RESIDENCES AT TIMBERS KAUAI. Kauai Capture an amped-up bird’s-eye view while soaring up to 35 miles an hour above a green jungle canopy and lush valleys. Kauai’s adren-aline-pumping zipline tours exhilarate, offering insights into the island’s diverse ecosystem filled with rare plant and animal species. On the East and North Shores, options include Kauai Backcountry Adventures and Princeville Ranch Adventures. For South Shore action, whiz away with Skyline Eco-Adventures and Outfitters Kauai. The latter recently upped the oomph fac-torwith the tandem FlyLine that soars along from Hawaii’s tallest launching pad at 50 feet and longest zipline that spans 4,000 feet. The scenery may look familiar, as the Kipu Ranch surroundings served as backdrops in such blockbusters as Pirates of the Caribbean, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, and The Descendants . Mauna Kea’s slopes to plant koa legacy trees. The company’s Kona Sunset Experience covers landmark scenery with a finale of the sun slip-ping below the horizon. While it’s still technically a grounded excur-sion, the above-the-clouds realm of Mauna Kea feels out of this world. Hawaii Forest & Trail’s (F&T) Mauna Kea Stargazing Adventure travels through desolate lava flows, roll-ing pastures, rain forests, and often snow-fringed cinder cones leading to the volcano’s 13,796-foot summit, home to 13 international research observatories. As dusk slips toward darkness, parka-clad star trekkers descend to the 9,200-foot-elevation Onizuka Center for International Astronomy to gaze at galax-ies stretching to the edge of the observable universe. Or flip the agenda with F&T’s new Mauna Kea Sunrise Experience that shares the pre-dawn sky still alive with planets and stars. decide to Reside When planning your next Hawaiian escape, consider Timber Resorts. Celebrate Hawaii in upscale oceanfront style at Timber Resorts’ Hokuala on Kauai’s East Coast. The residences of Timbers Kauai are closer to the shoreline than any other new homes on the island. New construction will be the last of its kind on Kauai. There’s lots of oceanfront in Hawaii, but few developments have the right to build to the shoreline. The difference is palpable, with the sound of water lapping just outside your bedroom window and views stretching from the iconic Ninini Point Lighthouse, to the Pacific, to the Haupu Mountain Range. And two beaches, Kalapaki and Running Waters, are just a stroll away. Since Timbers Kauai is part of the Hokuala resort community, Kauai’s only Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course is just outside your door. With all these unique advantages, Timbers Kauai’s level of hospitality makes it stand out. The aesthetics, the views, the golf, the services—each home has it all. The only thing to decide is: How much time would you like to spend in paradise? island of Hawaii Dubbed the “Big Island” for obvious reasons, the 4,028-square-mile Island of Hawaii inspires with ample turf to explore along mountain and coastal byways. Yet, the most exhilarating way to witness its dramatic diversity and Kilauea Volcano’s epic lava flows is via Paradise Heli-copter’s two-hour Volcano Eco Landing tour. Taking in 11 of Planet Earth’s 13 climate zones, this exclusive adventure encompasses the legendary Kona Coast, lush Hamakua Corridor, Kohala’s cascading waterfalls, plus a landing at the Hawaiian Legacy Forest on oaHu Prepare for a mother lode of naval avia-tion history while safely buckled into Pacific Warbirds’ vintage U.S. Navy T-6. After don-ning authentic WWII–era gear and receiving a simulated classified intelligence briefing, mili-tary chronicle buffs are immersed within the Admiral’s Warbird Adventure, which retraces routes flown by Japanese pilots during the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. Soak in the sights, sounds, and smells of the restored air-craft with its radial engine while also observing Kaneohe, Bellows, and Wheeler airfields that were targeted on that “Day of Infamy.” 82 September 2017

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