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2 COASTALREALESTATEGUIDEOC.COM JANUARY 13, 2017 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 : ASK THE EXPERT EDITORIAL NEWS GROUP EDITOR Andrea Adelson DESIGN/PRODUCTION CREATIVE DIRECTOR Sonia Chung MARKETING DESIGN DIRECTOR Paul Graff JR. GRAPHIC DESIGNER/ PRODUCTION ARTIST Shaylene Brooks SALES A clean garage may not prove a great investment, but will help solidify an overall good presentation, while a messy one can undercut that impression. space. Yet another motive behind up-dating a garage is to give it a clean appearance. Those unsightly cracks and stains are certainly not wel-coming. By redoing the floor, you can give your garage an image that matches the rest of the home. It’s pretty safe to say that you won’t find a garage remodel on many lists of things to improve to add value to your home. But it is a question that is often asked about since people generally want to know if they will recoup their investment on home remodeling projects. So can you expect a return? Let’s look at the benefits. You’ve created more usable, functional space when you finish out a garage. You may not technically be able to count it as living space but the increased usage of the space can’t be underrated. Whether it’s a place to store boxes, a place to retreat, or a place to show off, pride of ownership really does show from a garage that’s been done up. Home values tend to appreciate more (and be appreciated more) when they are upgraded. Of course, as with any remodel project, it is possible to overdo it. Value is in the eye of the beholder so improvements may not always be as worthwhile for one person as they are for another. Still, improving the function of the garage space can-not be overlooked. So overall, even though the garage may be one of the last places in a house you will see, it completes the masterpiece of the overall presentation of the home. When a home has been planned down to the very last detail it will create a lasting impression. ADVERTISING SALES TEAM Scott Sanchez; Cindy Byrne, Chris Mattingley, Julie Coleman, Matt Bond, Carol Josepher, Denise Adams, Ingrid Marquez, Joe Rafael PRODUCTION MANAGER Tina Leydecker PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Megan Shelhamer ADVERTISING & CIRCULATION: TEL: 949 715-4100; FAX: 949 715-4106 OFFICE MANAGER Cyndy Mendaros Holly Schwartz is a realtor with Villa Real Estate who lives in Eastside Costa Mesa and has been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters. She can be reached at MAILING ADDRESS: 385 SECOND STREET LAGUNA BEACH, CA 92651 TEL : 949 715-4100; FAX : 949 715-4106 CEO & EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Steve Zepezauer OPEN HOUSE SAT/SUN 12-4PM 450 Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach | $5,100,000

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