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2 COASTALREALESTATEGUIDEOC.COM APRIL 11, 2014 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 : JIM GRANT natural duration. Q: Is all lost if a deck is cracking and splintering? A: Absolutely not. We restore the most damaged lumber such as softwoods like redwood or cedar; as well as hardwoods like ipe, mangaris, and teak. We do it all. Pressure washing, sanding, whatever it takes; we restore the wood. Again, it is so important to get the proper finish and keep it properly maintained. But we use wood cleaners to get rid of mold and mildew, hand scrub the wood and then do some moderate use of pressure washing for the final clean. We also incorporate sanding if necessary to smooth out the finish of the wood. Q: You mentioned someone might not even know there is a problem with their structure. A: This is where safety becomes a factor, like a railing might not be safe. Railing codes have changed a lot in the past 10 years. Glass panels as rails might not be safety glass if they were installed 10 plus years ago. But the real important thing is for people with decks, they need to have them inspected every two years. The post that extends from the house often times if not maintained properly and can start to rot at the concrete base. Q: Then you come out to inspect as well? A: I like to make initial site visits at no charge with every customer to verify what is going on, look at the structure and determine the nature of the problem. This way I can come up with a game plane to rectify the issues on hand and find any other problems the homeowner might not have been aware was happening. A north facing wood wall might be susceptible to moisture since it has limited sun exposure. Or a severe south exposed deck can get a lot of sun damage if not treated properly. By catching things early on before changes, decay, termites, etc., create a hazard will eliminate the big financial black hole that ends up if not maintained. Wood moves and breathes constantly. With simple maintenance, the decay that happens can be managed with less time and money involved. Q: The city of Laguna Beach has you on a project right now restoring benches. A: It’s been a fun project getting 35 plus benches looking beautiful again. We’ve been doing benches day after day the past Examples of other deck work by Jim Grant. 31423 Coast Highway #21, Laguna Beach weeks. We just keep restoring one bench at a time and it’s been a fun adventure for sure. Our goal is to have the benches done in time for the dedication coming up on the lifeguard station. Q: You even fixed up Jack King’s favorite bench. How happy was he? A: Oh, man, he thought that it was the living end. It made his day. You could see his face beam as he sat on the newly finished bench. I had met him the day before. We were working our way down the boardwalk, south to north. That particular day the next bench in line sat Jack. I ended up sitting down and chatting with him, how he’s been living here 68 years in Laguna. And since he’s been retired, he’s come to the same bench everyday, guitar player at one end, Jack on the other listening to the music. I asked him why this bench. He said it has the best view of the ocean and he can look at all the pretty girls. I had a great time talking with him, and now everyday that we are up here, when we see him coming we put our tools down and greet him. He’s one of Laguna’s living icons, most everyone in Laguna knows Jack. He’s a great guy. CONTACT INFORMATION Jim Grant, Owner and Operator Jim the Deck Guy Carlsbad 619-955-2719 EDITORIAL NEWS GROUP EDITOR Andrea Adelson DESIGN/PRODUCTION CREATIVE DIRECTOR Sonia Chung ART DIRECTORS Jenn Prewitt Stephanie Castro Karlee Prazak Paul Graff PHOTO EDITOR Jody Tiongco SALES ADVERTISING SALES TEAM Scott Sanchez; Cindy Byrne, JoBeth Prudhomme, Ann Gendrolis, julie coleman, Matt Bond, Linda McCall, Michelle St. Amour PRODUCTION MANAGER Tina Leydecker PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Katie Essenfeld ADVERTISING & CIRCULATION: TEL: 949 715-4100; FAX: 949 715-4106 Luxurious Coastal Living at Laguna Royale Breathtaking ocean views and “beach cottage” charm in Laguna Beach! Upgraded and beautifully maintained 3 bedroom beachfront condominium in Laguna Royale offers stunning ocean, Catalina, coastline, and white water views, along with cool breezes and opportunities for whale watching. With 24 hour security, heated pool, spa, fitness center, and direct access to the beach you can enjoy coastal living at its finest! Offered at $2,150,000 To see more visit Call Scott and Manpreet Day today for more information! OFFICE MANAGER Cyndy Mendaros MAILING ADDRESS: 250 BROADWAY; LAGUNA BEACH, CA 92651 TEL: 949 715-4100; FAX: 949 715-4106 CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Allan Simon CEO & EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Steve Zepezauer

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