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high-profile planner Planning a Wedding Is Hard Enough. Try Doing it For an NFL Celebrity. BY KERRY SPECKMAN or Hamasaki and Jones-Drew, secur-ing a venue, picking out invitations, choos-ing flowers and the myriad other details of arranging a wedding for 250-300 guests (with a list that's still grow-ing, by the way) was a CRYSTAL LEQUANG little overwhelming, so they called in a professional: Crystal M. Lequang, event producer and owner of Amazáe Special Events. The deadline of four months to get everything together wasn’t cause for concern for Lequang, since the general trend in wedding planning has been for brides to start planning six months out, as opposed to a full year. But when it’s a high-profile wedding, involving, say, an NFL superstar and three-time Pro-Bowler who led the league in rushing yards this past season, the planning process becomes slightly more complicated. “Let’s just say there are a lot more hoops to jump through,” Lequang says. Where she usually meets one-on-one with the bride immediately, Lequang, along with five other wedding planners, had to be vetted through Jones-Drew’s publicity agency, then interview with Hamasaki via phone. It didn't stop there. Though Hamasaki hand-picked Lequang to bring her “romantic, but not too frou-frou, yet still edgy” vision to life, many ideas had to pass through Jones-Drew’s publi-cists throughout the entire planning process. Lequang took extra measures to ensure the cou-ple’s anonymity by not disclosing their names to vendors until contracts were executed and by of-fering to sign a non-disclosure agreement. As for the event itself, she’ll only say it’s being held at a winery estate in Tri-Valley, California; the colors are gun-metal gray and blush; and it’s going to be “lush” and “contemporary.” But it’s not just the wedding crashers, Lequang is trying to keep at bay. Many of the de-tails, including the reception band and other en-tertainment, are being kept under wraps so as not to spoil the event for guests. “There are a lot of elements that Ashley and Maurice wanted to include because they’re part of their life to-gether,” Lequang says. “And their guests will be surprised by them all night.” As for Jones-Drew, who did give his bride-to-be a budget, he’s hoping that the final bill won’t be one of them. v The Bride Bride’s ’ s Secret S e cr et for a Dress D r ess That Fits F its to t o Perfection... P er fe c tion... Alterations A lt er ations by b y Bella B ella e ! Desir ed b y pr estig ious clien ts , B el a v ailable f or bridal and gener al al v e da y s a w eek a t our P on t e V ed r  8 F E E J O H % S F T T  " M U F S B U J P O T  B O E  C ust om F ittings r  " M U F S B U J P O T G GP P S  # S J E F T  . B J E T  B O E   . P U I F S P G  U I F  # S J E F r  8 F E E J O H % S F T T  1 S F T F S W B U J P O  r  ' P S N B M B O E  1 S P N  ( P X O  " M U F S B U J P O T r  4 M B D L T &#0d; 5 S P V T F S T &#0d;  # M P V T F T &#0d;  4 V J U T  B O E  + F B r  ' J U U J O H T " "W W B J M B C M F    E B Z  B  X F F L &#0f;  1 M F B T    F Fre F re e Pick P icku i up a nd D eliv Monday -Friday 8am -5pm Saturday 8am -4pm at our Ponte Vedra Location Call 904-285-2123 or visit info@oceansidecleaners.com for a Free Estimate! SPRING/SUMMER 2012 43

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