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special advertising section deaf kids, so I went into audiology (the science of hearing).” She JMKIUMÆ]MV\QV[QOVTIVO]IOMIVLMVRWaML_WZSQVO_Q\PLMIN  kids and understanding deaf culture. “It’s like a whole world of its own. Learning how the deaf think and interact is like landing on a new island in another country.” Her career path took her through diagnostic testing and ultimately led her to hearing aids. “I love helping people hear and putting a smile on their face,” ,Z;PQZQKW[Ia[=T\QUI\MTa[PMNMT\KWVÅLMV\MVW]OP\W\ISMI chance on acquiring an existing hearing aid business in East Dal-TI[ ¹?PMV 1 JW]OP\ \PM WNÅKM \PMZM _MZM XTI[\QK XQK\]ZM[ IVL XTI[\QKN]ZVQ\]ZMº[PM[Ia[¹1Å`MLQ\]XIVLOW\Q\ITTKWUX]\MZ -ized back in 1990, when most people weren’t doing that. Today W]ZWNÅKMQ[KWUXTM\MTaXIXMZTM[[º0MZJ][QVM[[[\ZI\MOaXZW^ML successful, and soon she opened a second location in North Dal-las. “We provide an extensive amount of counseling to help the family learn to deal with hearing loss, and we teach compensa-tion techniques to help them manage easier.” For Realtor Vicki White, a career was born from channeling a favorite childhood pastime into a successful occupation. “When I was little, on vacation I would always look at old houses on the side of the highway and envision them remodeled,” White [Ia[4I\MZI[I_QNMIVLUW\PMZ[PMJMOIVÆQXXQVOPW][M[¹?M moved 21 times,” she says. “It got a little labor intensive. So then I started a staging business, helping people sell homes.” She ac-quired an inventory of furniture and staged for all price ranges, including a $3 million dollar home on Lawther. Eventually she “I would always look at old houses on the side of the highway and envision them remodeled.” – V ICKI W HITE , R EALTOR was ready for a new challenge and committed to getting her real estate license. Now she works at the business she loves from all angles and attributes her success to her strong work ethic. Local Realtor and business owner Elizabeth Mast approached her real estate business from a different direction. Ten years ago she opened the eclectic boutique Talulah Belle, which she con-siders her “hobby,” because it was her way of exercising creativ-Q\aW]\[QLMWN PMZ&#1a;&#1e;aMIZKIZMMZQVÅVIVKM¹1LMKQLML1ZMITTa wanted to stay in the community and the neighborhood more,” 5I[\ [Ia[ M`XTIQVQVO _Pa [PM KPW[M \W TMI^M ÅVIVKM JMPQVL “Now, in real estate I can leverage all of my negotiation skills IVL UIVIOMUMV\ [SQTT[ \PI\ 1 \WWS NZWU ÅVIVKM IVL Ua ÆIQZ for design from the store, and all of the relationships with ven-dors and designers. I’m not only selling houses, but I’m staging and consulting, which really drives how quickly you can sell the house.” How quickly? Mast has only been in the business for a KW]XTMWN UWV\P[IVLPI[ITZMILaKTW[MLPMZÅZ[\LMIT O VER 90% OF HER BUSINESS IS REFERRALS OR REPEAT CLIENTS . Vicki and her team offer [A1] exemplary service. Here’s what a few of her clients had to say: “Working with Vicki was amazing. She gave me great suggestions on renovations, including flooring, paint color and style. She knew the market very well and her knowledge of the neighborhood was essential for us to make the right updates and pricing correctly.” — Highland Park resident “From developing and executing your brilliant marketing strategies based on solid research, to the expert photography and professional staging…. I have never worked with a realtor as dedicated and detail-oriented as you and your team.” — Forest Hills resident S HE IS A CONSISTENT MULTIMILLION DOLLAR PRODUCER ! Call Vicki for any of your real estate needs! No one works harder for you! | 214.534.1305 | 32 special advert i s ing sect ion JULY 2012

Vicki White Homes

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