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CONTENTS ̈ 74 16 FEATURE 32 Jacksonville’s Top Attorneys 904 and LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell present a list of local lawyers who have reached the highest levels of ethical standards. SPECIAL SECTIONS 40 Northeast Florida Attorney Profiles Meet the men and women you want on your side in court 49 LBA Advisor Business solutions courtesy of the largest full-service CPA firm based in Northeast Florida 65 Access The official bi-monthly publication of the Jax Chamber REGULARS 6 8 10 16 Service What’s new in print and online at 904 Magazine 65 Publisher’s Letter A few words of introduction from publisher and editor Joseph White Executive Life Agenda • Insider • Newsmaker • Expense Account R&R Spain’s Costa Brava region charms with quirky culture. Plus: Rooftop bars in Washington, D.C. 18 Perspective High-tech simulation center helps physicians excel in their fields 20 Health Taking care of business means taking care of top brass. Demystifying the guidelines of a modern-day business wardrobe 24 CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: AGNES LOPEZ; ANGIE ORTH 22 Office Media Corporate recruiters are looking online for their next candidates. Does your profile stand out? 26 Ethics Sometmes a tea pot is much more than meets the eye. 28 Money Historically, election seasons have always caused fluctuations in the stock market. Here’s how to navigate this one. 30 Marketing Today, a job’s expected responsibilities can be very fluid things. JACKSONVILLE MAGAZINE’S 904 (005-020) Volume 5 Issue 5 October 2012 is published bi-monthly for $9.04 a year by White Pub-lishing Company, 1261 King St. Jacksonville FL, 32204. Periodicals Postage paid at Jacksonville, FL Post Master: Send address changes to White Publishing Company, 1261 King St. Jacksonville, FL 32204 (904) 389-3622 4 : 904theMagazine.com : October 2012

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