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We make that dream a reality, without the capital outlay. PRIVATE AIR TRAVEL is what we do, “Ever wish you owned a jet? ” and we are the best. • Your itinerary, your schedule • No TSA security lines • Domestic or International • Concierge-level attention Photo by Steve Donaldson (941) 639-7855 (800) 633-5387 Air Charter-www.airtrek.net Air Ambulance -www.medjets.com Steiner points out that many people simply don’t realize that tourism truly is the “clean” economic development they say they are looking for. Reportedly, tourism saves every property owner at least $200 per year in real estate taxes by bringing in customers for restaurants, hotels, motels, retail and specialized services. What’s more, it puts people to work and produces tax revenue for both state and local government. “Ge ing that word out can sometimes prove to be di cult,” she said. While we cha ed over iced green tea at an eatery in Port Charlo e, Steiner quickly ticked o the main draw in each of the county’s far-ung communities. Charlo e Harbor is really the “crown jewel.” You can boat, sh, sail or just enjoy the sunsets. Quaint Punta Gorda is popular with the active adult crowd, especially with its bike and walking paths that ring the city. Posh and exclusive Boca Grande just about sells itself, and relaxed Englewood and Manasota Key o er a laid back beaching experience. Steiner would love to see parts of Port Charlo e marketed to artists. “Artists of all kinds have located in towns throughout the country and have helped to revitalize neighborhoods that have fallen on hard times. With the Parkside Redevelopment District as an anchor, anything is possible. But collaboration with all stakeholders will be critical,” she said, quickly adding that this is only an idea and is not actually within the VCB's scope of work. She is currently looking to electronic media ( lm, TV commercials, internet spots, apps and web casts) as the next big initiative for Charlo e County. As a founder of the Missouri Film Association, Steiner has vast experience and many contacts in this eld. Late last year, she recruited seasoned lm professional Jerry Jones, formerly Director of the Missouri Film O ce, to the VCB to oversee the County’s budding lm department. Jones was asked to create high de nition video footage that most everyone can piggyback o of, including realtors, businesses, the state, the county and the city of Punta Gorda. e system he is using is called Reel Scout and operates o of several pla orms that can be used for every lm location request. “We have so many great locations in Charlo e County, but up 'til now, we had no way to respond quickly. Since just about every company uses Reel Scout, having it will give us the ability to respond immediately to location requests,” Steiner said. 38 | H ARBOR STYLE

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