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(For more on Reel Scout and Charlo e’s budding lm program, see the sidebar on the VCB’s “ lm guru,” Jerry Jones, on the following page.) Steiner also collaborates with both Lee and Sarasota County’s Tourism Bureaus. She recently teamed with Virginia Haley, tourism director for Sarasota County and president of Visit Sarasota, on a grant to produce a video showcasing all of Englewood and Manasota Key, from Englewood Beach to just south of Venice. “If we are able to pull this whole beach area together it should be a win-win for both our counties,” she said. However, Steiner said the area’s real “jewel in the crown” continues to be Charlo e Harbor. “Absolutely, Charlo e Harbor! “Our blueway trails (kayak waterways), our islands, the phoenix-like rebirth of Punta Gorda and our splendid arts scene are what make this community so vibrant. Some don’t yet appreciate what robust o erings we are blessed with and what exceptional people we have steering the arts here in Charlo e County.” She credits Michele Valencourt, executive director of the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda, and Judy Malbuisson, executive director of the Arts and Humanities Council of Charlo e County, for shepherding and nurturing many of these e orts. “When you think about it, the footprints le behind by any culture are almost always its art, literature and music. Art gives our community its character or, be er yet, its soul,” Steiner said. “ e arts are a plus for any community.” Steiner said the greatest challenge of tourism development is to maintain a balance between an industry that makes restaurants, special a ractions and activities hum while at the same time keeping Charlo e County that very special place that everyone who comes here seems to love. “I like to think that Charlo e County’s best kept secret is Charlo e County," she said. "It’s still largely undiscovered. I hear person a er person say that they didn’t realize there was still a part of Florida that isn’t lled with beach high rises and that has retained the Old Florida charm. “ is is something I think about every day and it weighs heavily in the decisions I make about how we market the area,” she added. “I was blessed to inherit an incredibly capable and seasoned sta that know the county intimately. Every day they impress me with their extraordinary knowledge and hard work.” In addition to Sean Doherty, Jennifer Huber, Liz Parker, Chip Futch, Lorah Steiner, Jones, her sta consists Darla Sell and Jerry Jones. Photo by Spencer Pullen of Jennifer Huber, public relations manager; Sean Doherty, sales and sports marketing manager; Elizabeth Parker, administrative services coordinator; Chip Futch, marketing and communications coordinator; and Darla Sell, administrative assistant. “Yes, we’ve had some budget challenges and have been through quite a few transitions over the past two years, but through it all, this sta has been exceptional. I am fortunate to be a part of their team. “ Steiner said it’s vital that the people of Charlo e County know she is just a “citizen serving the citizens” of Charlo e County by making this a be er place for all to enjoy. “I care very much about the place I now call home, and I’d like everyone to know where it is and to come here for a visit," she said. "I know they will be surprised and delighted with what they nd.” • Kitchen Remodeling • Bathroom Remodeling • Additions • Mold Assesment and Remediation • Insurance Work • Commercial Build-Out Fully Insured-CBC# 1254710 Family Based in Charlotte County for Over 75 Years 23355 Janice Ave, Unit 1 & 2 Port Charlotte 941 764-0822 24 Hour Emergency Service Like us on facebook Wetherington Restoration & Remodeling, Inc. www.wetheringtonrestoration.com H ARBOR STYLE | 39

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