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Charlotte County’s “Film Guru” Until Jerry Jones arrived on the scene in November 2012, Charlo e County’s Tourism Bureau had no way to adequately (and quickly) respond to leads from Film Florida, the state agency that oversees the lm industry looking to do business here. When the VCB received a lead that might be a good t for Charlo e County, it was limited as to what could be sent to a director or producer, as it did not have a sta member to scout a location and take pictures. As the local economy began to recover, the county was able to create its own lm o ce and add a professional lm o ce director to the VCB sta . Serendipitously, a highly experienced lm o ce professional named Jerry Jones was just winding down his career with the Missouri Film O ce. He, too, wanted to leave Midwestern winters behind. With 27 years in the business and more than 150 movies, TV mini-series, commercials, documentaries and corporate productions to his credit, Jones thought he could do a lot worse than end his career in sunny Southwest Florida. In fact, he gured nothing could be be er than landing here. He could see palm trees every day while at the same time help show others what a beautiful place Charlo e County really is. On the job just six months, Jones has taken more than 1,000 photos, which he plans to upload to the location database he created in order to respond quickly to diverse requests for locations that will go to a special database used by Film Florida for location photo submissions. Jones plans to develop a library of 30-second to two-minute videos that can be used across several pla orms, including smart phones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles. And he is trying to recruit a reality show, which would shoot its pilot episode in Charlo e County. “If you think about how we used to consume motion media in the past, it was about an even split between television and the movie theater,” Jones said. “ at is all changed now, and media are at our ngertips. People are no longer content with static images, especially when they are seeking tourism information. ey want to get as close to the live experience as possible before they make decisions about where to travel or what they want to buy.” Lorah Steiner believes Jones has come along at the right time; she’s dubbed him the VCB’s “ lm guru.” “Having a lm director devoted solely to promoting Charlo e County has go en us on the radar as a lm location, but more than that, it means we now have someone on board who is developing our own visual assets,” Steiner said. “We could not have made this happen without Jerry’s support and experience.” Photo by Spencer Pullen 40 | H ARBOR STYLE

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