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"CAMPUS is always looking for ways to enrich our community," said Larry Scott, CEO of CAMPUS. "We saw an opportunity to help a family meet a need through this makeover, and we're happy the HQGUHVXOWEHQHÀWWHGWKH Pedreiros as much as it did." GIGGLE MAGAZINE & CAMPUS USA CREDIT UNION I 1 t didn’t take long for the submissions to start rolling in. After sifting through all of the applications, Carrie and Mike Pedreiro were chosen as the winners. With premature twins still in the NICU, and three other children under the age of 6, the Pedreiro family was chosen so they could have a new space for when their WZLQER\V&#0f;&DUWHUDQG+XGVRQ&#0f;¿QDOO\ came home from the hospital. “I was taking a break from the NICU in the lobby of UF&Shands, and there was the latest Giggle Magazine on a chair. While looking through it, I saw the CAMPUS USA ad for the Kid’s Room Makeover contest,” Carrie Pedreiro said. “I read the details and immediately thought what a blessing winning the contest could be for us. I saw the ad the day before the contest deadline, at which time the twins had already been hospitalized for close to a month.” With the twins being 12 weeks early, the 3HGUHLURVKDGQ¶W¿QLVKHGSUHSDULQJWKHLU nursery before Carter and Hudson’s surprise arrival. Once the hospital bills started to roll in, Carrie said they knew they wouldn’t be able to give the boys the nursery they wanted to, and they GH¿QLWHO\GLGQ¶WKDYHWLPHWRUHGHFRUDWH while juggling three older children and splitting time between home and the hospital. After taking the shot to enter, the Pedreiros found out they were selected, and designer Brandi Catalanotte, the owner of La Notte Design, went to work creating a dreamy new nursery transformation. With simplicity in the details and a serene color scheme, the new nursery space is one the parents can enjoy now and as the twins grow. “The Kid’s Room Makeover gave us the opportunity to bring the boys home and HQMR\WKHPUDWKHUWKDQWU\DQG¿JXUH out how to get a space put together for WKHP&#0f;´&DUULHVDLG³,QDKRPHZLWK¿YH children under 6 years old, there isn’t much time for big projects, and it has brought organization to not only the nursery, but it has also prompted me to organize other parts of our home.” Michael Pedreiro said his favorite part of the new room design is the boys’ names and initials painted on the walls over their cribs. “The room is so peaceful and nice that it makes me feel better about my whole house!” he said. Carrie said she loves every detail Brandi put in to the nursery, but if she had to choose one thing she liked best about the room, it would be the photo of the ¿UVWWLPH&DUULHZDVDEOHWRKROGERWKRI her twin boys together. “I was able to hold my other three children the second they were born, so that time with the twins had been a long time coming. It was a moment that is so vivid in my memory and that emotion ÀRRGVEDFNHYHU\WLPH,ORRNDWWKDW picture. It was so thoughtful of Brandi to include that,” Carrie said. E 3 2 "We have been WKURXJKDGLՁHUHQW trial with the boys’ premature birth, but some amazing people have eased our burden and brought us through to where we are now,” Carrie VDLG¬´:HDUHVR thankful to Brandi, Giggle Magazine and CAMPUS USA for this incredible gift.” 1) A photo of the first time Carrie held the twins was made into a beautiful canvas. 2) Hudson and Carter snuggle in their new crib. 3) The Pedreiro family with Larry Scott, the CEO of CAMPUS USA Credit Union, Nicole Irving of Giggle Magazine and Brandi Catalanotte of La Notte Design. GIGGLEMAG.COM | AUG/SEPT 2013 87

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