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THIRD ANNUAL A search for Northeast Florida’s most community-minded businesses. 904 Magazine’s COMPANIES WITH HEART is a local recognition that continues the message started by Jacksonville Magazine a decade ago. Nominations for 2013 may be submitted in late summer. Join us as we honor local businesses that are giving their most valuable re-sources—their employees—the time and opportunities to make our community a better place in which to live. Many of these businesses are leading the way as conscientious cor-porate citizens, striving to improve and enrich Northeast Florida through volunteer and charitable initiatives of their own. In addition, many of these companies support worthy local charities by contributing financially to the organizations. We need YOUR participation. Below is an application for the 2014 class of 904 Magazine’s COMPANIES WITH HEART. If you would like to nominate your company, please complete the form and submit it to us between October 3 and December 31, 2013 . Additional materials may be sent via mail to 904 Magazine , 1261 King St., Jack-sonville, FL 32204. Materials such as photos, articles and company handbooks are encouraged. In fact, we anticipate the competition will be so stiff that supporting materials are all but necessary. Nominations sent before October 3 will not be considered. Each entry will be evaluated by an impartial committee, and the winners will be featured in the February 2014 edition of 904 Magazine and honored at an awards luncheon. Questions regarding Companies With Heart and opportunities for becoming an event sponsor should be directed to the attention of Anna Marie Burke, 389-3622, ext. 303. 2014 Nomination Form • What We’re Looking For: Our panel will judge entries based on several criteria. Among the things we will be looking at are your corporate philosophy on giving back to the community and a list of the activities, programs and policies that highlight commitment to lending a helping hand. Nominated business________________________________________________ Contact person______________________________________ Address__________________________________________ City___________________ State _______ Zip Code______________________ Telephone______________________________Fax__________________________________ e-mail____________________________________ Website ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Primary business of company___________________________________________________________ __________________________________ Number of employees in Jacksonville__________________________ Total number of employees (all locations) ______________________ 1. Please state your corporate philosophy on giving back to the community: 2. Please list the activities, programs and policies that highlight your company’s commitment to lending a helping hand: Your name________________________________________________________Title________________________________________________ Telephone______________________________Fax__________________________________ e-mail ____________________________________ Note: All nominees who are judged to have sufficiently met the above criteria will be asked to provide additional company information following the December 31 deadline.

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