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tastes great, less filling JACKSONVILLE COMPANY RELEASES GUILT FREE TREAT New low-fat, low-cal diet foods enter the market all the time. Many of these products contain unusual chemical additives and, while they might have few calories, they may also have little nutritional value. And how do they taste? Meh… Enter Naturally Smart Frozen Dessert , a new ice cream-like treat made from all-natural ingre-dients. One serving of the vanilla flavor has 10 grams of protein, 150 calories and six grams of fat. "It's a Jacksonville product," says Mark Patterson, president and founder of Naturally Smart Foods. "We want to be a part of all the amazing things going on in Jacksonville. Naturally Smart is one of those amazing things." Presently sold in chocolate and vanilla flavors, the company has entered the dessert into the One Spark festival, hoping for funding to help release coffee, coconut and green tea flavors in the future. Find it at Whole Foods, Biomax, and other natural food stores. $4.99-$5.99. naturally-smart.com —JT DINNER Party It was a trip to Napa Valley that inspired Aqua Grill restaurateur Cary Hart to host a series of “ad-hoc” din-ners once every other month. Typically, the food is farm-to-table and the menu is fixed by the chef. Diners receive an appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert with wine pair-ing for $49. The next dinner is April 9, and the menu features New York strip. —JT Open Roads If you live at the Beaches, you may have noticed the recent arrival of food trucks into the area. In a February meeting, Jacksonville Beach city council voted 5-1 to approve an ordinance allowing the mobile restaurants to operate in specific zones around the Beaches. The trucks are permitted to operate (with the proper licenses, of course) in the central business district, as well as commercially zoned areas and some existing Planned Urban Development districts. Mobile food vendors will be able to offer seating, only if the number of parking spaces required for principal use of the site is not reduced. Due to some concerns expressed by area restaurant owners, the ordinance will expire in April 2015, allowing for a trial period during which council mem-bers will determine whether or not the food trucks can perma-nently coexist with their brick-and-mortar counterparts. — VC OPEN FENCES Tour de Farm invites locals to see origins of Northeast Florida produce, poultry and meats Slow Food First Coast hosts its third Tour de Farm on April 13, noon-5 PM. At least 12 area farms, including Maggie's Herb Farm and Conner's Amazing Acres, will open their doors to show visitors what they do and how they do it. Slow Food will provide a printed map of participating farms as well as an online guide so attendees can plan their route. Educational farm workshops, walking tours, chef meet-and-greets, markets and produce tastings straight from the field are all on the day’s agenda. “It's like a mini farmer's market at each site,” says Carmen Franz, Tour de Farm committee chair. “It really connects people to their food.” Tickets are $5 for the entire day. slowfoodfirstcoast.org —JT 94 | JACKSONVILLEMAG.COM MARCH 2014

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