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CONTENTS ̈ 16 FEATURE 34 Game, Set & Match From new collegiate track and field complexes to the world’s largest scoreboards, the city is betting big on sports. 20 SPECIAL SECTION 41 LBA Advisor Business solutions courtesy of the largest full-service CPA firm based in Northeast Florida 58 INSIDE 6 8 10 16 18 Service What’s new in print and online at 904 Magazine 22 Publisher’s Letter A few words of introduction from publisher and editor Joseph White Executive Life Agenda • The Insider • Local Achiever R&R: Sweet St. Kitt’s Stay on island time at the tiny Caribbean hideaway. 34 Media: Sweet Success Local candy business featured on CNBC reality show 20 Office: Oh, Behave… Poor workplace behavior can be hard to believe. But, believe it or not, some of it you may have done today. 22 Architecture: Easy Being Green UNF earns gold and saves money with its new Student Wellness Complex 24 Technology: Machine Made Robotically assisted surgeries making waves in healthcare 26 Commerce: Out With the Old How adopting new technologies can save—and make—money 28 Logistics: Supply & Demand Logistics for small to medium-sized businesses 30 Perspective: A River Runs Through It The proposed plan for dredging the St. Johns channel—and what it could mean 58 Thought Leader One-on-one with Florida Theatre president Numa Saisselin JACKSONVILLE MAGAZINE’S 904 (005-020) Volume 7 Issue 3 June 2014 is published bi-monthly for $9.04 a year by White Publishing Company, 1261 King St. Jacksonville FL, 32204. Periodicals Postage paid at Jacksonville, FL Post Master: Send address changes to White Publishing Company, 1261 King St. Jacksonville, FL 32204 (904) 389-3622 4 : 904theMagazine.com : June 2014 CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: AGNES LOPEZ, ANGIE ORTH, 123 RF; UNF; KEN McCRAY (VISIT JACKSONVILLE)

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