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There comes a time in a fellow’s life when he needs to MAN up.… time to have THE talk. Talk about PROSTATE CANCER your risk, your responsibility, your LIFE. Some facts to consider: More men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year than women are found to have breast cancer! No one really knows what causes prostate cancer. There are very few symptoms when the disease begins. Prostate cancer varies greatly from man to man. It can be fatal if not found early and treated. Men around age 50 should have a baseline screening exam for prostate cancer, especially if there is a history in your family. There is an internationally respected prostate cancer center right here in Florida. 4 | H ARBOR STYLE At first diagnosis or if you’ve had a recurrence following treatment -trust your life and quality of life to the experts. Contact us for a FREE consultation. 2803 Fruitville Road | Sarasota, FL 34237 877/328-8654 | 941/957-1221 www.dattoli.com

Dattoli Cancer Center

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