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, LLC Today’s Investors ARE FACED WITH A UNIQUE SET OF CHALLENGES. They are looking for INCOME & GROWTH, but are concerned about market volatility and rising interest rates. Wood Asset Management’s Dynamic Allocation Strategy | A Macro Approach to Tactical Investing | The definition of asset allocation is changing. In the last few years, the markets have shown that what was once considered a diversified and conservative portfolio actually contained significantly more risk and a higher correlation to global markets than expected. Investors are now faced with the challenge of modifying their investment strategy for a new era of low but rising interest rates and an ever more complex global economy. Wood Asset Management’s Dynamic Allocation Strategy combines traditional research with a global macro perspective. By developing and monitoring a broad view of the markets, we tactically modify investments to provide our clients with a balanced and diversified portfolio that seeks to build and preserve capital while generating income through a risk-managed approach to asset allocation. There is a solution… For more information on the Dynamic Allocation Strategy, or to learn more about Wood Asset Management, please contact Mat Lepak at 941-361-2185 . Wood Asset Management is pleased to welcome Mathew Lepak to the organization. Mat joins us with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry specializing in working with high net worth individuals to provide sound strategies for growing and retaining wealth. Wood Asset Management, LLC 1605 Main Street, Suite 904 | Sarasota, FL 34236 | 941-361-2195 | www .woodasset.com 4 | HARBOR STYLE

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