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Contents DEPARTMENTS 6 This Space Available 8 Uncommon Collections 10 Money Talks 12 Day Tripping 14 Great Escape 18 Sonoran Sage 20 Down the Garden Path 22 Attention to Detail 24 Clothes Horse 26 Earth Talk 52 Desert Gourmet 54 Season to Taste 56 Restaurants & More 58 Wine Wise 60 L’Art Pour L’Art 62 Art Soup 64 Right Wrong Turn 66 Curtain Going Up 68 Sold on Art 72 Heart of the Matter 74 Dist. 16 Report Card 77 Letters 77 Classies 79 Town Crier 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 Y in Print 27 ears 36 30 The City of Tucson Isn’t Sweating a Hotter, For the benefi t of current and future generations, the City of Tucson is planning how best to ensure that the city is resilient and adaptive to a changing climate. ARTICLES Drier Future: It’s Planning Ahead 34 Land Trusts: Preserving Open Spaces on Arizona landowners are relying on land trusts to help them protect vanishing western landscapes and wildlife habitats from development. Private Lands 42 Kyoto: a Foodie’s Wonderland On her recent trip to Kyoto, Japan, a local photographer and writer relished that city’s food culture. 48 Travel With a Healthy Peace of Mind 50 The ‘Wild West’ Lives On A doctor and seasoned traveler off ers tips on how to prepare for any healthcare needs that could surface while traveling. A local re-creation of a historical Western town attracts history buff s, music-video artists, camera clubs, stuntmen and Boy Scouts. 70 Volunteering for the ‘Odd’ Jobs Volunteering isn’t what it used to be. Many volunteers now create their own “job” description. Cover photo Subscriptions: One year: $16 Single copies: $3 by mail Subscriptions outside the Tucson metropolitan area mailed fi rst class: One year: $30 Published monthly by DesertLeaf Publications, Inc. The DesertLeaf assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. Return postage must accompany any material if it is to be returned. The DesertLeaf assumes no liability for the content of or reply to any ad. The advertiser assumes complete liability for the content of and all replies to any advertisement and for any claims made thereof. All correspondence should be sent to: 3978 E. Ft. Lowell Rd., Tucson, AZ 85712 (520) 881-5188 • FAX: 881-5388 E-mail: Current circulation of 56,000. Primary distribution by U.S. Postal Service. Publisher: Mary A. Swiergol, Editorial Staff : Karen Nystedt, Bill Norman Art Director: Mike McPherson Offi ce Manager: René Roessler Staff Photographer: Robin Stancliff Account Executives: Mike Lotenero, Pat Shallenbarger, Contributors Craig S. Baker, Patrick Baliani, Linda Brewer, Gina Compitello-Moore, Manuel A. Cuen, Lorraine A. DarConte, Robert Dawson, Jessica Fraver, David Hamra, David Hatfi eld, Jan Henrikson, William Hornbaker, Dr. V. Jane Kattapong, Jon Klas, Judith Baigent King, Ann Kupperberg, Katiedid Langrock, Dr. David Lipschitz, Elaine Markoutsas, Sharon Mosley, Doug Moss, Tom McNamara, Bill Norman, Karen Peterson, Steve Renzi, Shawnee Riplog-Peterson, Claire Rogers, Bob Rogers, Roddy Scheer, Darren Scott, Linda Smalley, Dale Stephen Sparks, Rhonda Spencer, Robin Stancliff, Balfour Walker 4 DesertLeaf l April 2015

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