Harbor Style July 2015 : IFC

YOU’RE AND … NOW GIVE GIVING DOUBLE!! Serving children of Charlotte County since 1994 DOUBLE DOUBLE s ie it r a h C ’s n e r d il h C with SWFL , In YOUR ONATION D c. YOU’LL FEEL TWICE AS NICE Now is the time to start a fundraising group, join us for a special event or simply give what you can with an online donation in any amount… because right now , when you donate to help build the new Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, your donation is automatically doubled!! Please don’t wait-donate before July 31. Every donation matters and now is the time to give! NOW! WAYS ■ Donate online! ■ Start a fundraising team & spread the word through social media! 2 GIVE NOW THROUGH JULY 31 ■ Join us for fundraisers, now through July 31! ■ Discover more giving opportunities at www.ChildrensHospitalGoal.org www.ChildrensHospitalGoal.org . is challenging c In s e ti ri a h C ’s on match. li il m .2 SWFL Children 1 $ s u with a genero w through o n m the community o fr , e iv g atever you That means wh YOUR DONATION!! DOUBLE will July 31 … They

Golisano Children's Hospital

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