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S tepping F orward C ounseling C enter LLC We teach the mind to think, the hands to work, the heart to love. Is your child struggling ? Stepping Forward Counseling Center offers a variety of individualized programs for children and young adults ages 02-18. Is your child is suffering from the challenges of neuro-biological disorders, emotional issues or mental illnesses. SFCC will bring peace of mind to your family. SFCC will develop a program that works with your child and family's needs! Our customized evidence based programs draw from principles of CBT, ABA, DBT, set in natural environments. Since the environments are closely similar to the client's natural environments, it is more likely that the behaviors taught at SFCC will generalize to the individual's natural environment The programs address behavior problems and skills deficits. Treatment decisions are based on data and can address improving social skills, activities of daily living and family life, play skills, and language skills. 3 to 1 Ratio Stepping Forward Counseling Center's programs are set in different environments that call for a variety of "natural" social and interpersonal skills. These environments include Doc's Joc's Sports, School Matters, Manners Matter, Art, Yoga, Martial Arts and Social Skills/Group Therapy. Programs Offer: After School Social Skills Day Programs Parent Training Therapeutic Summer Programs Day Camp / Sleep Away Programs are Insurance Approved Services Include: Psychiatry Services Family Clients have objectives/goals and are assessed on their performance on these objectives/goals throughout the environ-ments that individual engages in each day. The data is collected and analyzed. The objectives can be but are not limited to impulse control, cooperation, adapting to losing, concentration, sharing and the art of conversation. Call now for a comprehensive intake appointment 949.529.4050 SINCE 2006 CALL NOW FOR A VISIT 16530 BAKE PARKWAY IRVINE , CA 92618 26 MAIN STREET CHATHAM, NJ JCAHO Accredited

Stepping Forward Counseling Center

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