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4 WINTER 2017 Contents 10 18 Departments 6 At Your Service What’s new in print and online at 904 Magazine 8 10 Publisher’s Letter A few words of introduction Short Takes Jim Furyk, Symphony musicians and Leadership Jacksonville. Get up to speed. 18 Tech: Criminal Minds Would you even know if you were under cyber attack? 20 Inside Job: Something Fishy It’s a cold place to work, but somebody’s got to do it 22 Office: Campaign Rhetoric Successfully navigating the world of office politics 24 Real Estate: Upwardly Mobile Setting up shop in Jacksonville’s most iconic skyscrapers 26 Expense Report: Power Hungry Flipping on a light switch is easy. Provid-ing the electricity so that the light comes on is difficult and extremely expensive. 28 Law: Public Enemy Numero Uno How “notarios” can endanger immigrants’ legal status 22 30 20 Producer: Stiff Drinks Making craft spirits is relatively easy. Selling it by the case is what makes the liquor biz hard. 66 City Life: Construction Zone Orange means black for Jacksonville’s bottom line 36 Features 36 10 Best Decisions in Jacksonville’s History Like any city great or small, Jack-sonville’s civic legacy reflects decisions which ended up changing its course Companies With Heart 2017 Sixth annual salute to Northeast Florida businesses that put community first Wrist Watch Business style need not stop at the end of one’s shirt sleeves 43 62 62 ABOUT THE COVER: Civil Rights image courtesy of Florida Memory; Manifest Distillery by Agnes Lopez; Daily’s Place courtesy of Populous —904 MAGAZINE—

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