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lovely buyers,” she says. Moda sells only to brick-and-mortar stores, so in Dallas, items are available at Urban Spools in Casa Linda. Michael purchased her home in 2011. Before construction even wrapped, she knew it was perfect. The Lake Highlands Drive develop-ment where she lives originally was built to hold four 2,000-square-foot homes, but now will feature three slightly larger dwellings; construction has yet to com-mence on the third. East Dallas-based architect Cliff Welch’s “small and special-ized” firm designed the entire enclave. He also advised Michael as she added a garage and studio behind the home, as well as a back wing including a bedroom and play area for son, Finn, whose clear affinity for vintage Star Wars, dinosaurs and astrology plays well off his mom’s sensibilities. Welch says he draws architectural in-spiration from modern structures of the last century — “regional materials, local climate, and surrounding context ... natural light, clarity of form ... honesty of materials” are fundamental to each project. “Our hope is that the architecture we are creating today may someday be wor-thy of restoration by future generations.” Michael previously occupied a mid-century built home in an older East Dallas neighborhood, but maintenance became cumbersome for the hardworking single mother. Her current abode gave her the style she craves (“Can you tell I love the 1950s?” she asks rhetorically. “It always comes back to that.”), with modern materials. It is always a work in progress, she says. Though the big things, like the stu-dio and other expansions, are complete, her affinities are ever evolving. Therefore, the tapestry that surrounds her will con-tinue to morph. “My house is my sanctuary, my iden-tity,” she says. Taking a risk, she agreed to partici-pate in the White Rock Home Tour this month, where ticketholders will be al-lowed to explore her abode (plus five others). “It’s terrifying letting people into your most vulnerable space,” she says, “but I also want to share it, and it’s for a good cause.” Find more details about the April 22-23 White Rock Home Tour, which benefits Victor H. Hexter Elementary School, and pre-order your $15 tickets at . LOVE YOUR HOME Transform your home and LOVE it again . Custom Homes -Remodeling -Design 972.754.9988 LIST YOUR HOME Rejuvenate your home and LIST it. Find A Home -Sell Your Home 214.295.2622 APRIL 2017 69

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