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4 FALL 2017 Contents 18 22 24 Departments 6 At Your Service What’s new in print and online at 904 Magazine 8 10 Publisher’s Letter A few words of introduction Short Takes News and notes from across the region. Get up to speed. 18 Management: Horrible Bosses Why empathy may be the key to workplace happiness 20 Marketing: Pay to Play One tends to get what one pays for in social media marketing. However, that doesn’t mean breaking out the check-book without a plan 10 22 Enjoy the View: Ice, Ice Baby Does the puck stop here? Or can pro hockey live to skate another day in Jax? 24 Office: The 35-Year Itch A new study suggests people start hating their jobs in their mid-30s. So, what gives? 26 Law: Labor Relations Can employees be fired for participating in a lawful rally or political event? 28 Health: Understanding Doctor’s Orders Lack of health literacy leads to waste, inefficiency and added cost in the healthcare system 30 Tech: Watch Your Back Protecting your digital data can keep your business afloat when disaster strikes 66 City Life: Taking Flight The city’s aviation heritage is commem-orated at a newly revealed exhibition at JIA 30 Features 46 60 Jacksonville’s 2017 Board Certified Lawyers Our list of legal experts comes courtesy of the Florida Bar The (Un)Sinkable Corrine Brown Once the most powerful Democrat in Northeast Florida was done in by a bogus charity, greed and trusted confidants who knew when to jump ship Special Advertsing Section ABOUT THE COVER: Bottom left by Daniel Barley, bottom right courtesy of Jacksonville International Airport. 33 60 BDO Insights Industry highlights and insights from BDO Jacksonville —904 MAGAZINE—

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