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Contents DEPARTMENTS 6 Civic Concerns 8 Uncommon Collections 10 Money Talks 12 Plan of Action 14 Great Escape 18 Sonoran Sage 20 Down the Garden Path 22 Attention to Detail 24 Clothes Horse 26 House Calls 50 Season to Taste 52 Restaurants & More 54 Wine Wise 56 Sold on Art 58 L’Art Pour L’Art 60 Art Soup 62 Curtain Going Up 66 Heart of the Matter 68 Dist. 16 Report Card 71 Letters 72 Classies 73 Town Crier 74 This Space Available 46 30 34 30 The Games Have Changed ARTICLES Until the end of the 19th century most board games published in the US were designed to teach ethical and practical lessons. As society changed, board games changed, and how. 34 Holidays Can Be Diffi cult for the Estranged 40 Let It Snow in Southern Arizona in Tucson The holidays can be a time of distress and sadness for parents who experience estrangement from their adult children. A psychologist off ers some insight on how to weather the season. Mt. Lemmon is a winter wonderland when it’s blanketed in snow. 46 The Invisible Homeless Communities Tucson has made signifi cant strides in providing compassionate care to two traditionally underserved homeless populations: unaccompanied women and transitional-aged LGBTQA+ young adults. 64 ‘Running’ in a Holiday-Music Marathon Do you love holiday music? Consider participating in a “20 Days of Holiday Music Marathon.” The goal is to attend at least one holiday-music event every day for the 20 days before Christmas. “Bright Forest,” was photographed on Mt. Lemmon. Cover photo: Maria Nasif Subscriptions: One year: $16 Single copies: $3 by mail Subscriptions outside the Tucson metropolitan area mailed fi rst class: One year: $30 Published monthly by DesertLeaf Publications, Inc. The DesertLeaf assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. Return postage must accompany any material if it is to be returned. The DesertLeaf assumes no liability for the content of or reply to any ad. The advertiser assumes complete liability for the content of and all replies to any advertisement and for any claims made therein. All correspondence should be sent to: 3978 E. Ft. Lowell Rd., Tucson, AZ 85712 (520) 881-5188 • FAX: 881-5388 E-mail: Current circulation of 56,000. Primary distribution by U.S. Postal Service. Publisher: Mary A. Swiergol, Editorial Staff : Karen Nystedt, Barbara Liguori Art Director: Mike McPherson Offi ce Manager: René Roessler Staff Photographer: Robin Stancliff Account Executive: Mike Lotenero, Contributors Patrick Baliani, Paul Berquist, Parker Filer, Andrea Gould, Jeannie Hamblin, Amy Haskell, David Hatfi eld, Amy Hudson, Katherine Jacobson, JesseJMedia, Judith Baigent King, Gena Kittner, Katiedid Langrock, Vicki Loyer, Andy Morales, Sharon Mosley, Maria Nasif, Joe Orman, Mary L. Peachin, Mary Pepitone, Thom Plasse, Steve Renzi, Hannah Jackson Robb, Claire Rogers, Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, Gary Smyth, Dale Stephen Sparks, Beth Surdut, Ben Wiese t 4 DesertLeaf l December 2017


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