Harbor Style Harbor Style March 2018 : Page 111

“Reclaim your health...Reclaim your passion!” Do you suffer from any of the following: • Resistant fat loss • Low energy ‹7HPUM\SPUÅHTTH[PVU • Mood swings • Brain fog • Poor digestion • Food cravings Hello! I’m Dr. Laura Korman, and I can help! I have been in practice for over 28 years and have spent those years consulting with my patients on many health issues. My passion and desire has health information with as many people as I can This is why I created… only grown in wanting to share solid, foundational, possibly reach, even beyond the walls of my clinic. GEARED2bewell. “Health is not a destination... it’s a journey!” Start your journey today! www.geared2bewell.com

Korman Relief & Wellness Center

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