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COMMUNITY HOSPITAL “The staff is fantastic! They are very professional but personable. ” -Shirley McKinney programs we thought would be of interest to residents of the county.” In order to devise those programs of interest, they turned to the Sun’s letters to the editor, Jenkins said. The paper’s letters to the editor are sometimes idiosyncratic and often are controversial, but they always reflect accurately the concerns of Charlotte County residents. “What we were doing was defining what was of interest to citizens of the county,” Jenkins said. “At the time, phosphate mining was a big local issue. In some instances, people were angry about what was going on.” The league gave the local fist-shakers a place to, if not vent, then to hear both sides of an issue through hot topic luncheons and other popular programs. Those programs became recruiting tools. “We went to about 60 when we walked out door” as officers, Jenkins said. “We kind of dug it out of the grave and it’s still going.” These days, Jenkins serves as an advocate for independent voters in Southwest Florida. “There’s a growing population of citizens not registered with either political party,” she said. That number is continuing to grow. I help them feel like they’re not alone, that there’s a voice here.” She believes the league needs to nurture relationships with the county commissioners as well as Supervisor of Elections Paul Stamoulis. ä GET BACK TO YOUR LIFE faster To hear Shirley’s complete story, visit EnglewoodCommunityHospital.com/Testimonials. AWARD WINNING HEALTHCARE CMS Rating Close to Home 700 Medical Blvd, Englewood, FL 34223 • 941-475-6571 www.englewoodcommunityhospital.com H ARBOR STYLE | 127

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