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That perspective filters down to the local chapters. In turn, grassroots legwork walks up the ladder to the state and national organizations. “Last year, Jean Finks and I attended our state convention, where we represented our league,” McGillivray wrote. “Jean and I voted, on behalf of our Charlotte County chapter, on various planks and issues, which make up our state consensus platform. All members of our chapter are invited to attend leadership training and our state convention. Only a year ago I attended the leadership training, along with Jean Finks and Julie Stewart. This enabled us to assume a board position after last year’s chapter vote.” McGillivray said that one of the issues she’d like to see discussed in town halls and issue forums is “that many states are taking a position that if you’re an inactive voter, and you don’t vote for one or two election cycles, that they’re purging your name off the rolls. “As far as I’m concerned if you don’t show up to vote, you should not be purged from the voting rolls. If you choose not to vote, that’s your constitutional right.” Any one of those topics – from the national organization’s stance on immigration, to the state league’s view of Scott’s bench appointments, to a local leaguer’s concern for voters’ rights – would make for lively debate in Charlotte County. Call them hot topic luncheons, citizen forums, gripe sessions – call them what you will. They deserve an airing. They deserve conversation. They deserve points of view presented in an unbiased environment. The League of Women Voters can bring that about. “Nonpartisan and moderate forces have seemingly fallen out of favor the last few years,” McGillivray wrote. “Our group has been a casualty of this trend. That said, in the midst of a partisan war of words and attrition, no-party-affiliates are becoming the largest voting bloc. In the jungle of fake news and slanted/negative political ads, many voters are searching for balanced, objective sources upon which to base their votes and formulate opinions. “This is the sweet spot which I intend to lead our group: fair, objective, nonpartisan, and well-sourced.” Restore the voice, and let it be heard. Discover Boca Grande World Class Fishing Elegant beachfront dining with spectacular gulf views Unique Island Dining Luxury Boutique Shopping Old Florida History Looking for a more relaxed atmosphere? Join us downstairs at the Waves Beachside Café, for all day Happy Hour and casual fare! Formerly The Gulf View Grill Come have an Experience you will treasure Like us on facebook TheWaverlyFL 2095 North Beach Rd. Englewood, FL 941.475.3500 471 Park Avenue, Suite 3 Boca Grande, FL 33921 · (941) 964-0568 bocagrandechamber.com 130 | HARBOR STYLE

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