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Have you visited the Punta Gorda Chamber lately? WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING IN PUNTA GORDA? Get all your local information by visiting our website at www.puntagordachamber.com or stop by our office at 252 West Marion Avenue WANT TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND GET INVOLVED IN THE PUNTA GORDA COMMUNITY? Join the Chamber! Call our office at 941-639-3720 We are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm SEE YOU SOON! Punta Gorda – Where it’s Happening on the Harbor! These volunteer tasks center on the arts, education, conservation, home life, international outreach and public issues. One of GFWC’s lead programs is their prominent leadership in the fight to end domestic violence by raising awareness about this social issue. On this issue specifically, clubs on the local, district, state and national level join one another to speak with a unified voice to find ways to help stop physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse and psychological abuse. This speaks to every community in the country as there is no state, city, community or neighborhood that is immune from domestic violence. They sense a need for their involvement, and their leadership in this particular area is nationally recognized. The problem lingers in our society, but the work of the GFWC to this regard is stronger than ever. Their programs of domestic violence education, advocacy and their “Success for Survivors” all are working to defeat this foe that preys on our society. While most of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs operate on the local level, the national organization finds itself with tiers of Club involvement. First, the local club directly speaks to the cause of determining the needs of the local community. Districts are the next level, where several local clubs come together to form partnerships to get tasks done on a broader, multi-county level. Those districts in turn combine to the state level organization, which then unites these local and district efforts together in results specifically tailored to each state. The 50 state organizations are then grouped into eight geographically placed regional expressions that are part of the national expression of the GFWC. In each and every corner of the equation, there are needs being met and differences being made! According to the GFWC website, total projects for the last reported time frame included 86,225 projects which led to a combination of about 4,063,037 volunteer hours. This volunteer spirit led to $16,260,725 donated with in-kind donations totaling $11,284,972. That only begins to bear witness to a great volunteer spirit that works diligently in communities all over the world to ensure the change that needs to happen on the local level. As this was but a snapshot of a moment in time of all their impact, one can only imagine how much the GFWC has been able to contribute to their communities The Greater Charlotte Harbor area is blessed to share in three local clubs – Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and Rotonda West are working individually and collectively to bring a variety of resources to their locations that quite simply would not exist if it were not for the efforts of their clubs. ³ 136 | HARBOR STYLE

Punta Gorda

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