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Yorker who had a distinguished career in the television and movie industry, working as a production office coordinator. She also had a long-lasting romantic marriage with her l a t e husband, Herbert Seakwood, a former major in the US Marine Corps, who she talks about every day. Now in her 90s, Seakwood remains active in Punta Gorda, where she and Herb moved to more than two decades ago. Meeting her for the first time, it is difficult to believe that Seakwood has lived beyond nine decades. Her compassion for others and her active lifestyle are not only inspirational but downright awesome! For besides wearing multiple hats in Punta Gorda, where she is a volunteer and helps others whenever she can, she is often spotted at fundraisers and restaurants, usually with a posse that includes her daughter, Nanette Leonard. She dances. She composes music. She plays the piano. And oh, can she ever dance. You realize when you first meet Seakwood that she has led an exciting and interesting life. Her eyes sparkle, she has seemingly boundless energy, and yes, there is the dancing. The first time I got to spend time with her was at a local fundraiser. Al Holland, his sister Verceal Whitaker and other professional musicians played. When Whitaker got up to sing a disco classic, Seakwood was on her feet and commanded the dance floor. Like in the discos of the 70s when the crowd could form a circle around a particularly good dancer, so was the case here. We all gather ‘round and made a space for Seakwood as she disco-danced to the song “I Will Survive.” And at least one word in that song -“survive” -is what she seems to do best. For at the age of 95 (she hit that milestone on January 27), Seakwood has had her share of ups and downs, and many life-changing events, the most recent being the loss of her husband and love of her life, Herb. Not one to give up on life, she channeled her energies into remembering Herb and helping others in her community. For giving is what she does best, and with an abundance of energy that must have been handed out to her at birth, Seakwood manages to accomplish more in one day than people much, much younger. ä Adeline Leonard Seakwood is a former New Story by Nancy J. Semon Photos provide by Nanette Leonard with additional photography by Max Kelly H ARBOR STYLE | 59

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