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(1975), Death Wish (1974), Godspell (1973), The Boys in the Band (1970), The Trials of O’Brien TV series (1965) in which she had an on-screen recurring role as a secretary to Falk, and The Patty Duke Show in which she was production secretary for numerous episodes. You can read more about Seakwood and her achievements by going to the IMDb website where her full credits are listed. The production office coordinator is the person who is “the center of the wheel, controlling all the spokes – roles of the director, producer and production manager, etc.,” Leonard explained. In the early days, that job was titled “production secretary,” but it was so much more than that. Seakwood sought to change both the title to production office coordinator and to unionize. Hence, her union, Local 161, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, honored Seakwood in January 2008 by giving her a Lifetime Achievement Award. Today, the union is comprised of script supervisors, production office coordinators, assistant production coordinators, production accountants and payroll accounts – all who work in feature films, commercials, television, documentaries and educational productions. She showed me the plaque bearing her name from a thankful union. Since she was so well-voiced in the motion picture and television industry, Seakwood at one point in her career was asked to teach her craft at the New School in New York City. But I’m pretty sure, according to what she told me, that the one thing that mattered to her most over the years – besides the birth of her daughters – was meeting Herb. It was during her journey in the entertainment field that they met. Herb was a prominent attorney who she first met when her best friend Norma asked if she would take dictation for him at his New York office, she remembered. The job paid $2.50 an hour, but the problem was that Seakwood didn’t take stenography. She wrote the 14-page letter in longhand, impressing Herb, who commented on the matter, she said. Some 13 years later, she said, her mother’s aunt needed a will and she asked Norma whether she thought Herb would prepare it for her. Not knowing any other attorney other than Herb, Norma asked him. Over the years their paths crossed again, and, eventually, Seakwood and Herb dated and fell in love. “We were madly in love for 36 years,” she said, a statement she repeated more than once during our interview. After she and Herb arrived in Punta Gorda some 28 years ago, Seakwood knew that she had to keep busy. “I didn’t know a person,” she said, but she soon met Dolores Lazarus who invited her into her home. “I was so thrilled,” Seakwood said. She also met Marion Haberman in those early days, and the three became friends and formed the Three Tones. They sang and entertained at nursing homes. Some time later, her sister came to Punta Gorda and became a resident in a local assisted care living facility. ³ HARBOR STYLE | 61

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