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Seakwood also befriended Beth Magnin, who was manager of the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association. Magnin asked her to be the Sunshine Lady, a title and volunteer position she cherishes to this day. If you live in Punta Gorda Isles and belong to the PGICA, you receive a copy of the monthly magazine, The Commentator. In each issue there is an ad with her photo, identifying her as the Sunshine Lady, with her phone number and email, urging you to “Call Adeline if you know of anyone who is ill, has lost a loved one or is just in need of a word of encouragement.” Also through the Civic Association, Seakwood is a worker and a greeter at the Isles Girls and Guys estate sales, an assistance program helping PGI residents price their belongings and clear out their homes. She also immersed herself in other community endeavors, such as working for her local voter registration office, and after Hurricane Charley, she helped others and got involved in community recovery from the storm. And then there is her song-writing: “I wrote 25 love songs for my husband,” she revealed, adding yet again, “we were madly in love for 36 years.” Pictures of Herb are displayed throughout her home. Leonard said her mother and Herb would often cuddle on the sofa and hold hands, and it was apparent that they were truly in love and romantic after all those years. Seakwood tears up when she talks about Herb, and her apparent love of him has never faded but seems to have grown stronger since his passing in 2016. Seakwood headed over to her piano and showed me her songbook. It has more than two dozen songs – all devoted to the man in her life, Herb. She plays by ear and sat down to play “Count on Me,” one of her original compositions. Other songs are “I Can’t Get Enough of You,” “You Make the Difference in My Life,” “You are the Love of My Life,” “Stay Close to Me”...all songs centered around her beloved Herb. This past winter, visitors and guests to 88 Keys at the Wyvern stopped to listen to beautiful music played by none-other than Seakwood. She was with her daughter and a group of friends when she spotted the beautiful baby grand piano and couldn’t resist. A crowd gathered around her, thinking she was the hotel’s paid pianist. Little did they know that this talented woman can’t read music, plays by ear, and her words and music are her very own. On that day, Seakwood played some classical music; Leonard videotaped the performance with her cell phone. The onlookers no doubt also didn’t realize that the beautiful woman at the piano can be seen in movies and television shows, if only on the screen briefly, and that she has worked with some of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry. What many of us do realize, however, is that Punta Gorda is blessed to have Seakwood living among us, spreading cheer and encouragement wherever she goes. So what’s next for this lovely lady? As we were concluding our interview, Leonard revealed that she was throwing a surprise party for her mom at the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association building towards the end of January. While the event had not yet occurred as this was being written, you can be sure that there was music, and Seakwood was dancing! 62 | H ARBOR STYLE

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