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my father teaching me arithmetic.” Port recalled playing with two other children and doing typical things such as climbing ropes, exploring, picking flowers and chasing rabbits. “We caught one and kept it as a pet.” Port and her playmates also attended meetings of the EPAS – the Children’s Communist partisan organization – and sang patriotic songs. Her main diet consisted of mashed garbanzo beans and the wild greens she picked on the mountainside, along with the bread and vegetables from Alexana, she related. Being a typical child, Port craved sweets, which were by now nonexistent. One time Francesca spread a slice of bread with sweet condensed milk that she used for baby formula. The baby was holding the bread while Port’s father bounced him on his knee, and the baby dropped the bread. “I hoped it would land right side up, but it did not. The donkey standing by was the lucky recipient of it,” she remembered. Her father, grateful for the partisans, offered to work for them. He would man the one telephone line they had installed from village to village to keep everyone informed of German movements. He couldn’t be more active in the underground and resistance because he had been injured as a child and lost the use of his right knee, which made walking difficult. The chapel where he manned the phone also held a cache of guns. “One day my father was on the phone when a village boy came in and got interested in the guns.” Before her father could stop the boy, a gun went off and shot Moses in the arm. “My father was hard of hearing in one ear and he held the phone with his arm across his chest to the other ear.” This turned out to be life-saving as the bullet could have easily gone into his heart. Instead, it hit his arm. “After that we could not stay in the village anymore in case the Germans came and found a man with a gunshot wound; they would want to know where the guns were stored, and finding them they could burn the village to the ground,” Port said. The “leaders put my bleeding father on a horse and my mother on another and took them far from the village to a building where shepherds sheltered their flocks,” ³ Test fly a TREKCard today! TREKCard FLYER LUXURY 8912 4567 0123 3456 1 st time clients could receive the 15% savings on their 1 st ÁLJKW • Save thousands with Air Trek’s TrekCard program. • No hidden fees. • 1RÀQHSULQW • Just hassle-free, luxurious private travel on your time schedule. www.airtrek.cc/trek-card-jet-charter-promotion From private jet travel to luxury cruises and excursions, AIR TREK is your local, private concierge. (941) 639-7855 • (800) 633-5387 H ARBOR STYLE | 67

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