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BUZZ TV BUZZ BUZZ IN THE K NOW CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS MIKE CHROUCH/ABC BRAD BARKET/AP TRACY MORGAN NOV. 10 L The new ABC police drama Detroit 1-8-7 has been picked up for the entire season. The series, starring James McDaniel (r) as Sgt. Jesse Langford, looks at what it takes to be a detective in Detroit, one of America’s toughest cities. The show follows a homicide unit and reveals the crisis, heartbreak and heroism of the inner-city cops. (Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET). RELATIONSHIP BUZZ < Gospel singer Tye Trib-bett , 34, recently revealed that he had an affair with a woman from his choir. He and his wife had coun-seled the woman, but the relationship became “her and I more than the three of us. It got out of control,” he reveals in an Associated Press interview. He called his cheating “a sin” and says the relationship is over now. He and his wife have worked things out and kept their marriage together. “God is able to restore your marriage and bring it back to life. I’m a witness to that.” Tribbett’s latest CD is titled Fresh . CHRIS WEEKS/AP NOV. 10 EVE ADAM ORCHON/AP OMARION NOV. 12 NO. 1 R&B SONG CHRISTIAN LANTRY/AP TREY SONGZ 10 BOTTOMS UP

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