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CONTENTS ̈ 32 FEATURES 34 2011: A Medical Odyssey Exploring the latest cutting-edge medical technology employed by Jacksonville doctors and healthcare providers. 42 Making the Grade When it comes time to find a healthcare provider, only the best will do. 46 VIP Q&A: Mayor John Peyton After eight years in office, the mayor reflects on his two terms and looks forward to returning to the private sector. SPECIAL SECTIONS 53 LBA Advisor Business solutions courtesy of the largest full-service CPA firm based in Northeast Florida. 34 REGULARS 6 Service What’s new in print and online at 904 Magazine. 69 Access The official bi-monthly publication of the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce. 82 8 Publisher’s Letter A few words of introduction from publisher and editor Joseph White. Plus your letters. 10 Executive Life Agenda, The Insider, Appearance Counts, Doctor’s Orders. 18 R&R 24 hours in the Big Apple. Lots to do, so little time. 20 Office Values, food and flexibility can keep employees happy, motivated and working hard. 22 Perspective The view from inside the cab of a Ring Power earth mover. This isn’t your grandma’s tractor. 24 Money A top salesperson is worth his or her weight in precious metal. But you already knew that. 26 Economy Indicators suggest Jacksonville's economy will brighten in the second half of the year. Marketing First Coast businesses explore the benefits (and pitfalls) of online coupons. Dialogue NAS Jax Commanding Officer Jeffrey Maclay is charged with keeping a small city in ship-shape condition. 28 30 32 Technology With millions unemployed, why is it difficult to fill key positions in certain sectors? 4 : 904theMagazine.com : June 2011

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