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Space Coast Medicine February March 2012 : Page 79

tive new treatments,” she said. “We are proud that our program puts MIMA at the cutting edge of medical science, and, in many cases, provides our participating patients the ability to get care and medicine that they may not be able to afford without being in a clinical trial.” She said MIMA’s clinical trial research programs are open to everyone of all ages and from all walks of life. One pediatric study currently under way is for babies just age 1 and under, while others have tested adults in their 90s. “We reach out to area physi-cians and tell them what we are studying and get very good response,” Federico said. “It’s a win-win for everyone. Those who participate in these trials change lives for the better.” BREVARD COUNTY Health Depart-ment and Brevard Health Alliance patients have an opportunity to par-ticipate in the MIMA clinical trials. Patient Education S alazar said MIMA has been working with the Brevard County Health Department and Brevard Health Alliance to offer their patients the option of par-ticipating in its clinical trials. “Those patients that choose to participate reap the clinical and financial rewards of the clinical trial,” he said. “The agencies also benefit because the clinical trial will cover costs involved in patient treat-ment. The trials also provide criti-cal patient education and other costly benefits that the agencies would otherwise have to provide for their patients, conserving precious resources for their many other patients in need.” He pointed out that MIMA also is involved in a partnership with Health First to bring im-portant clinical trials to hospital settings. “This acts to expand the skills of hospital personnel and bring the latest devices and procedures to our community hospitals,” Salazar said. “We are also working with the University Of Central Florida School Of Medicine to col-laborate in clinical research studies. Th is will further enhance the avail-ability of clinical trials to members of our community as well as creat-ing access to medical experts at the medical school.” ■ For information about MIMA’s Century Research Program, call 321-725-4500 Educate,Prevent,Prevail... Healthy Hearts & Healthy Living Ravi Rao, MD, FACC, FASCI | Amanda Ryan, DO | Surya Rao, MD, FACC | 321-636-6914 ARTICLE NAME CLINICAL TRAILS 79

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